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2017 November Houghton Regis News Desk Facebook Posts

Count of the number of unique Facebook Users who saw posts made on Houghton Regis News Desk between 1st November and 31 November 2017. (compiled 4/12/2017).

  1. 01/11/2017
    Stolen in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, and now found. Anyone who believes the items are theirs is asked to contact police on 101 Served to 2460 unique users.

  2. 01/11/2017
    Town Council Meeting of 9th October is now the first video to be posted from our local Council. Served to 2511 unique users.

  3. 01/11/2017
    FUNDING FOR BEDFORDSHIRE POLICE Police and Crime Commissioner Holloway: ““As far as any extra money is concerned, Bedfordshire Police has had to make savings of £11.1m in the three financial years 2015/16 to 2017/18. While the Home Office say our overall funding has increased from £99.6m to £101.4m, an increase of £1.8m, this does not take account the fact that our stand-still costs have increased well above that level,” added the PCC." "I am genuinely hugely concerned, at such a critical time (when the police funding settlement for 2018/19 is due to be announced in the Chancellor’s Spending Review) that the Home Office still does not appear to fully understand our finances and I am writing to the Policing Minister immediately to set the record straight.  Served to 1872 unique users.

  4. 02/11/2017
    During the summer, CBC consulted on the draft Local Plan for eight weeks. 6,828 comments were made on the draft Local Plan and these are now available to read online. ◘  The results of Central Beds Council Local Plan Telephone Surveys (1,222 representative residents) have been collated and are now available online. ◘ Served to 1882 unique users.

  5. 02/11/2017
    Cross The Line app in line for national award A pioneering initiative to raise awareness among young people of the dangers of radicalisation hate crime and online extremism has been nominated for a national award. Bedfordshire Police is encouraging anyone with a friend or relative who they feel may be in need of help, or who may be vulnerable to radicalisation, to contact them for support and early intervention on 101, or alternatively, contact the national police hotline in confidence on 0800 789 321. Additionally, anyone who experiences hate crime is urged to report the matter to police on 101.  Served to 1526 unique users.

  6. 02/11/2017
    Saturday. Dunstablians v Leicester Forest.  Served to 1422 unique users.

  7. 02/11/2017
    A video of a public meeting on 10th October. Town Partnership Commitee. Served to 2077 unique users.

  8. 02/11/2017
    Kelvin Hopkins, MP for the neighbouring constituency of Luton North, has been suspended by his party after an allegation, believed to be of sexual harassment. Served to 3324 unique users.

  9. 02/11/2017
    Dunstable Town Council are putting on fireworks at Creasey Park tonight, 3rd November. The Free Houghton Regis Fireworks show is at Tithe Farm Recreation ground on Nov 5th. Served to 2570 unique users.

  10. 03/11/2017
    Free Fireworks, Nov 5th, Houghton Regis Tithe Farm Rec. There are some road closures planned for the top of Tithe Farm Rd and part of Hillborough Crescent. Funfair starts before the fireworks. Please take care, and enjoy the show. Served to 5672 unique users.

  11. 03/11/2017
    Will you sign this petition? On 11th October 2017 over 120 MPs signed a cross-party letter demanding the Government release the long-delayed Brexit Impact Studies. Many more have since signalled their support for this: “We believe it is important that there is a full and frank debate about the impact of Brexit on our economy, jobs, trade and living standards and what can be done to mitigate risks. That is only possible if analysis of the impact of Brexit is published.” We all have a right to know what their own researchers have discovered. Even Parliament is in the dark. The more MPs who speak up, the more pressure the Government will be under to release these reports that the country has been waiting on for the past 10 months. Send a message now to your MP, asking them to back transparency. Dear Andrew Selous, Please do the right thing and support transparency. Back those MPs who have signed or subsequently supported the 11th October letter to the Rt Hon David Davis MP, calling for the long-delayed release of the Government’s Brexit Economic Impact Studies. Your constituents, Parliament and the country have a right to know. Please tweet your support today using #BrexitReports. Yours sincerely, YOUR NAME HERE Served to 1617 unique users.

  12. 04/11/2017
    Tithe Farm Rec Official Fireworks Show November 5th Served to 1943 unique users.

  13. 04/11/2017
    'Luton North and Houghton Regis' You have until 11 December 2017 to tell the Boundary Commission what you think of their proposals for evening-out the number of people per parliamentary constituency. Served to 3279 unique users.

  14. 04/11/2017
    Tickets for a red carpet night, raising funds for Keech hospice care. Served to 1214 unique users.

  15. 04/11/2017
    A Guide to What's on in Luton in October Served to 1547 unique users.

  16. 04/11/2017
    Mainly for Men. Next meeting Wednesday 6 December 11 to 12.30 Served to 2088 unique users.

  17. 04/11/2017
    Top Ten Posts for Houghton Regis News Desk in October Served to 2135 unique users.

  18. 04/11/2017
    Banger Racing went ahead this afternoon on land owned by Houghton Regis Development Corporation, despite the landowners not giving permission for the use of their land. Commentators on social media have suggested that safety was blighted by race vehicles having windscreens, and not having roll bars, or drivers not having insurance. On Friday afternoon Houghton Regis News Desk received an email from the landowner stating, "HRDC has not given permission for Guigno to access or use their land and he has been requested to immediately cancel the event or find an alternate location. Suffice to say the continued trespass has been reported to the police and the Environment Protection Officer has also been informed. " After the event took place this afternoon, in a public message of defiance on his Facebook Page, the race promoter had this message for the landowners, "The injunction u sent at 16.45pm yesterday was to the wrong email sorry only just picked it up but thanks anyway. See u in court." And Pam Burgess, who co-edits The Houghton Regis Clanger along with Jan Cooper, wrote, "Roger well done to you and all those that made it a good SAFE day. Hope it bought alot of pleasure to all involved." Served to 6043 unique users.

  19. 05/11/2017
    Houghton Regis Town Council organised a magical 20 minutes fireworks display at Tithe Farm Recreation Ground today, 5th November 2017. A short video is also available on our Page. Your comments welcome. Served to 4744 unique users.

  20. 05/11/2017
    Houghton Regis Town Council organised a magical 20 minutes fireworks display at Tithe Farm Recreation Ground today, 5th November 2017. Here are some of the highlights. Served to 6760 unique users.

  21. 06/11/2017
    Taking place from 6-12 November the theme for this year is “I am an Occupational Therapist”, building on the Royal College of Occupational Therapists' (RCOT) call for its members to be "loud and proud" of the value they add. Julia Scott, CEO at the Royal College of Occupational Therapists said: “I’m delighted that Central Bedfordshire has joined the hundreds of organisations supporting Occupational Therapy Week. It is a great reflection of local community spirit. To learn more about how OT can change someone’s life watch this short video:  Served to 2447 unique users.

  22. 06/11/2017
    Bag found Hillborough Crescent, Sunday. Being held at Luton police station, call 101 and identify contents to claim. Served to 1946 unique users.

  23. 06/11/2017
    A planning application to build 100 new homes off Thorn Road was robustly objected to by Houghton Regis Town Council at their last Planning meeting. The comments made by the Town Council are available in the Draft Minutes of the meeting, downloadable from .. Served to 3319 unique users.

  24. 06/11/2017
    HRTC's Community Services meet Monday 6th Nov., at Peel Street from 7.30pm. All welcome. Among the items being discussed are event clothing for event helpers, playschemes, service level agreement for Bedford Square Centre, review of activities, and budget. The downloadable paperwork also includes draft minutes of previous meetings, and working groups including Combatting Crime Working Group (including CCTV) , and Events Working Group. Served to 982 unique users.

  25. 06/11/2017
    Action Fraud has recently experienced an increase in the number of calls to members of the public by bogus bailiffs requesting payments for a “phantom” debt. The fraud involves being cold-called by someone purporting to be a bailiff working on behalf of a court, attempting to recover funds for a non-existent debt. Served to 7150 unique users.

  26. 06/11/2017
    PCC commends Force for best performance in the country on diversity to better reflect Bedfordshire's communities.  Served to 2079 unique users.

  27. 06/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk Served to 11 unique users.

  28. 07/11/2017
    The Town Council are to purchase event clothing for their volunteers who support council events. In a report to the Community Services Committee yesterday, the stated aim would be to assist visitors to the event in being able to identify event support volunteers, as well as safeguarding their own personal clothing. And the clothing would need to be washed and returned. Several other volunteer organisations in the town already provide their own identifying clothing, such as Houghton Regis Helpers. But the move was not supported by the Labour Group who had concerns over skin sensitivity after washing the clothes, and potential problems with clothing sizes. 10 lots of polo shirts, fleeces, and waterproof jackets will now be provided out of a budget of £500. Served to 1626 unique users.

  29. 07/11/2017
    Found in Tithe Farm. Served to 5085 unique users.

  30. 07/11/2017
    A full road closure is required for a large crane that will be blocking the road in King Street. The works are scheduled for 14th November and diversions will be in place. The work is for T-Mobile. Served to 3927 unique users.

  31. 07/11/2017
    At Chicksands Wednesday, and live via online broadcast from Central Bedfordshire Council Wednesday, 8 November 2017 10.00 a.m. Planning Application No. CB/17/02942/REG3 Address: Puddlehill (Former All Saints Vicarage), Bedford Road, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 5DJ Refurbishment and extension of existing detached property (the former Vicarage) to provide accommodation in the form of 5 nos. individual bedrooms in the original house and 8 nos. studios in the new extension, including ancillary spaces such as office, laundry, shower rooms, communal areas and parking in order to provide supported accommodation and service hub for the vulnerable members of our communities. Applicant: CBC Housing Directorate ◘ several local residents attended the Town Council's Planning meeting when they discussed it. ◘ The Town Council made no objection to this application and acknowledged the amendments being made to accommodate the privacy of the residents of the adjoining property. However, the Town Council raised the following concerns. That the increase in vehicle movements into and out of the site now necessitated some form of traffic calming in the surrounding area. Members requested they discuss their concerns with the appropriate officers from Central Bedfordshire Council, in the hope of reaching a solution. It was felt that the junction of St Michaels Avenue was of particular concern. Another concern raised was as to whether vehicles, accessing the site, would be able to pull off Bedford Road whilst the automated gates opened. In regard to the name of the proposed development the Town Council requested that Central Bedfordshire Council consults with the Town Council in regards to the naming of the proposed development. Puddlehill is an area known in history as an area around Chalk Hill and therefore not near the site. An alternative name was suggested – Millard House - however the Town Council would like the opportunity for the name to be discussed by Full Council. ◘ CBC officer's Recommendation: That Planning Permission be GRANTED subject to conditions. ◘ Agenda and documentation: ◘ Webcast link:  Served to 3329 unique users.

  32. 07/11/2017
    SMART METERS Smart meters do not use the Internet, as they use their own dedicated secure system. Anyone with a smart meter installed as part of this national rollout will have been offered an in-home display at no additional cost, which shows them their energy use in near real time, in pounds and pence (and this display does not rely on the Internet either). Some energy suppliers are offering their customers smartphone apps so people can access their energy data by this method. You do not need a new smart meter if you switch suppliers. Many people find that their smart meter can already be switched seamlessly between different suppliers. However, at this relatively early point in the rollout, some smart meter customers may find that if they switch suppliers their meter temporarily loses the ability to send meter readings to their new supplier, and they may need to send in their meter readings in order to get an accurate bill (as they would with traditional meters). However, people in this situation will still be able to use their smart meters to reduce energy use and save money – as their meter may still be able to send their energy use data to their in-home display. This is a temporary situation because all benefits can be restored in future, after these smart meters are enrolled into the new national network. Smart meters which have already been installed will then begin to be enrolled into this network ‘over the air’ without needing a visit from an installer. They will then be able to deliver all the benefits of smart, with any supplier. You can find out more about smart meters and the national rollout. Served to 2552 unique users.

  33. 07/11/2017
    Kelvin Hopkins states his case. Served to 2113 unique users.

  34. 07/11/2017
    Interesting Year For Houghton Regis Youth Council Served to 1837 unique users.

  35. 07/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk updated their information in their About section. Served to 1063 unique users.

  36. 08/11/2017
    BEDS POLICE ~ RURAL TEAM UPDATE Another fantastic 2 days of targeted Policing last week by The Rural Team along with our Partners producing the following results - 13 vehicle seizures. 31 traffic offence reports for a variety of offences, including: No insurance Driving whilst using a mobile phone Speeding Failing to wear a seatbelt Not using correct child seat Using a vehicle on false plates Use/cause/permit no insurance No MOT Driving without due care and attention 17 intelligence reports submitted 2 arrests – for drug driving and PWITS Speed checks carried out in Tottenhoe, Stanbridge and Tilsworth. A fantastic team effort and thanks are extended to our RPU, Thames Valley and Leighton Buzzard Community team for their assistance and hard work. Already looking forward to the next one.. A reminder that you can now follow us at Served to 1464 unique users.

  37. 08/11/2017
    Time to vote for a charity to receive funds from Luton Airport scheme. Or try this other scheme:  Served to 1412 unique users.

  38. 08/11/2017
    Central Beds Council are currently LIVE discussing the latest Planning Applications  Served to 1078 unique users.

  39. 08/11/2017
    According to Billington Parish Council, residents have recommended Thorn Turn as being an alternative site to relocate travellers from Greenacres. Served to 4203 unique users.

  40. 08/11/2017
    Next Wednesday. Future of Rail. Served to 1010 unique users.

  41. 08/11/2017
    Do you visit Dunstable? Then you might want to go to a drop-in event to see what they are dreaming up to improve the High Street there. Served to 2261 unique users.

  42. 08/11/2017
    News From Houghton Regis Helpers - November 2017. Served to 1604 unique users.

  43. 08/11/2017
    Expect road closures on Remembrance Sunday: Houghton Regis Roads will be closed between 10:40am and 11:02am: High Street The Green Dunstable: (Road closure times to be confirmed:) Grove House Gardens High Street North and South Priory Gardens  Served to 1420 unique users.

  44. 09/11/2017
    Dunstablians first XV are away at Northampton on Saturday 11th Nov .Served to 717 unique users.

  45. 09/11/2017
    Selous makes powerful case for more police funding in Bedfordshire - ◘ spoke in Parliament Nov 7th.  Served to 2181 unique users.

  46. 09/11/2017
    Bumps, Babies & Beyond Served to 861 unique users.

  47. 09/11/2017
    Travellers back on cycle paths WSL - CBC are informed. Served to 7249 unique users.

  48. 09/11/2017
    The Town Council's Accounts Committee meets next Monday, but currently has no chairman following the resignation from the post by Cllr Caroll on 9th October. ◘ Agenda and draft minutes Served to 2234 unique users.

  49. 09/11/2017
    THE BROOK. A Planning application by CBC to build this in Windsor Drive is to be considered by Town Councillors on Monday evening. 7.30pm Peel Street. CBC have the final say on whether it is approved or not. Some initial comments from social media and background correspondence says, "too high", "blocks light", "disregard of nearby dwelling". The Town Council will be looking at this application on Mon, 13th Nov, 7.30pm Peel Street. Agenda available at Served to 4408 unique users.

  50. 09/11/2017
    Butterfly Poems evening to be held at Dunstable Fire Station Community Lecture Theatre Served to 977 unique users.

  51. 09/11/2017
    Good news! New hedge for Parkside Drive. The original hedge had been incorrectly removed during the road building. Served to 2587 unique users.

  52. 09/11/2017
    Bedfordshire Police responds to HMICFRS report Bedfordshire Police has made good progress in its efficiency, although still requires improvement according to an inspection report released Thursday. Served to 1358 unique users.

  53. 10/11/2017
    VIDEO: Community Policing Debate, Westminster Hall 7th November. Nadine Dorries, MP, in the chair. Andrew Selous, MP, among the speakers. Total running time 2 hours, but you can 'dip' in. Andrew Selous starts at 10:19.  Served to 1732 unique users.

  54. 10/11/2017
    Update on The Red House The Red House has works in progression to prevent further deterioration. Roof tiles have been removed and those that haven’t been damaged are being stored to use again. Structural engineer will be going on site to complete a damp survey and assess the work that needs to be done. Before applying for planning permission to undertake the works, CBC Housing will need to seek consent from the conservation officer to ensure that the work is sympathetic to the original structure of the building. The security measures in place are said to be working well. Alarms have been fitted inside the building, CCTV has been set up and the back fence has been extended and covered with anti-vandalism paint. (taken from a CBC newsletter). Served to 2921 unique users.

  55. 10/11/2017
    Houghton Regis Crime Statistics September 2017 Served to 3274 unique users.

  56. 11/11/2017
    Walks in November - what's your favourite local walk? Served to 1422 unique users.

  57. 11/11/2017
    11/11 11AM. Please stand and observe 2 minutes silence. Served to 1728 unique users.

  58. 11/11/2017
    ACCIDENT. Multi-vehicle collision on the M1 southbound between junctions 11a and 11 a few minutes ago. Served to 4734 unique users.

  59. 11/11/2017
    Houghton Regis Facebook Groups Served to 855 unique users.

  60. 11/11/2017
    Free event by PC Help Centre Served to 1231 unique users.

  61. 11/11/2017
    11/11/ 11am Served to 2811 unique users.

  62. 11/11/2017
    Flashback to 2012: HRN1 - Only 53 people responded to the CBC online questionnaire and only 29 people commented by email. Served to 186 unique users.

  63. 11/11/2017
    Win a free carpet clean ! Served to 1673 unique users.

  64. 12/11/2017
    Following the service, meet at memorial on the green 10.45am Served to 1171 unique users.

  65. 12/11/2017
    High Street Served to 0 unique users.

  66. 12/11/2017
    Timeline Photos Served to 0 unique users.

  67. 12/11/2017
    The telephone lines for Houghton Regis Medical Centre are down. HRMC: "We are trying to get them up ASAP, in the event they are not ready for Monday 13th, all appointments will have to be made at reception in the surgery. HRMC apologises for the inconvenience" Served to 1818 unique users.

  68. 12/11/2017
    From Sunday's Remembrance Day Parade and assembly at the Memorial. A video will be available at Served to 3595 unique users.

  69. 12/11/2017
    VIDEO: Houghton Regis Remembrance Day 2017 Served to 3397 unique users.

  70. 12/11/2017
    Changes from Centrebus coming in December. Served to 2843 unique users.

  71. 13/11/2017
    CBC want to hear your views on webcasting our council's meetings. Complete the survey by 5pm on 14 November at  Never seen a webcast? Try here:  Served to 1266 unique users.

  72. 13/11/2017
    Fresh allegations from a fellow MP about inappropriate behaviour towards her over more than two decades. Served to 1386 unique users.

  73. 13/11/2017
    Picture from 'back in the day'. The shop in the middle is still there, opposite today's Morrison's, now known as Trident House. Served to 3173 unique users.

  74. 13/11/2017
    Luton Taxi Driver And Leighton Buzzard Woman Caught Fly-Tipping in Houghton Regis Served to 3854 unique users.

  75. 13/11/2017
    CPRE Photo winners in Bedfordshire's Changing Landscape Competition Served to 1251 unique users.

  76. 13/11/2017
    Chalgrave Parish Council have a vacancy for a councillor. Served to 1129 unique users.

  77. 13/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk Served to 0 unique users.

  78. 13/11/2017
    Job Fair 15th! Served to 1784 unique users.

  79. 13/11/2017
    Booking now for Chalgrave Golf Course Christmas Cabaret Night.  Served to 1368 unique users.

  80. 14/11/2017
    Jobseekers and students being targetted by fraudsters looking to get bank details. Served to 1615 unique users.

  81. 14/11/2017
    Police Funding: Bedfordshire Delegated Legislation – in the House of Commons at 9:20 pm on 13th November 2017. Andrew Selous. Transcript:  Served to 1193 unique users.

  82. 14/11/2017
    Roald Dahl's War Before he became so well-known for his children's books, Roald Dahl wrote vivid stories based on his own war-time experiences. Graham Laurie described what happened. Tonight, 7.30pm Ashton Square, Dunstable Dunstable History Society. Served to 1154 unique users.

  83. 14/11/2017
    Changes ahead for Dunstable Town Centre, and opportunity for you to have your say. More at  Served to 2946 unique users.

  84. 14/11/2017
    PARK RD NORTH TREES UPDATE Responsibility for maintenance of trees along Park Rd North has been established as a CBC Housing department function. In a response today (including a stream of internal CBC correspondence dating back to Oct 7th) the CBC Housing Surveyor has written, " I apologise for the delays in getting back to you but there has been an awful lot of confusion around responsibilities for the Tree maintenance in this area. I have further checked maintenance records and the survey states no works in this year and not until April of next year." If there is a resident concerned about a overhanging tree near them, please contact this page, and we'll put you in touch with the right person. Alan D Winter editor HRND. Served to 3488 unique users.

  85. 14/11/2017
    CHILD ADOPTION? Informal chance to chat Would you like to find out more about adopting a child or children? CBC run regular information sessions where you can have an informal chat with one of the adoption team, who will be able to answer any of your questions. The next one is taking place on Wednesday (15 November) from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at the council’s Priory House offices in Chicksands, Shefford. No need to book – just turn up. If you can’t make it then you can call the team on 0300 300 8090 or email Served to 1193 unique users.

  86. 14/11/2017
    FROM THE POSTBAG, "I found this bike in Clarke’s way yesterday morning. Sadly missing wheels I guess it’s been stolen? Have put in my shed in case anyone wants to claim it?" Contact HRND if you want to reclaim it and we'll put you in touch with the finder. ◘ Could all cycle owners please take photos of their bikes, and make a note of the chassis numbers. When it goes missing here's a website that helps to reunite you: Served to 5763 unique users.

  87. 14/11/2017
    LIVE VIDEO Central Bedfordshire Council meeting for their Full Council Meeting on the 16th. Live video from 6.30pm. Includes: Charging policies, Debate on where S106 monies should be spent - locally or somewhere more remote? ◘ Agenda:  ◘ Book an appointment to watch live or to watch later: Served to 1292 unique users.

  88. 14/11/2017
    THE BROOK - WINDSOR DRIVE A long meeting at HRTC Monday evening when this application from CBC was discussed. Now, the Design & Access Statement is available at the link below, which states that local residents have been consulted, "Central Bedfordshire Council held a Houghton Regis Community day on 30th August 2017. Housing attended the event and provided a stand that included information on the proposed development plans at The Brook. In addition to providing information on The Brook at the community day, a factsheet and frequently asked question document was delivered" to local properties. ◘ Can someone please post the factsheet? Thank you. HRND. ◘ All documents:  ◘ Your comments can be sent to  email quoting 17/04549/REG3 Served to 2570 unique users.

  89. 14/11/2017
    Youth Club receives fridge/freezer from Town Mayor's charity fund. Served to 1330 unique users.

  90. 15/11/2017
    Founder member of Incredible Edible to visit on the 18th! Served to 1018 unique users.

  91. 15/11/2017
    Events coming up at the Grove Theatre, Dunstable.  Served to 1890 unique users.

  92. 15/11/2017
    L&D pay out £13,000 in damages when 79 year old found plastic tubing beginning to protrude from his eye. Luton & Dunstable Hospital spokesman said: “We have apologised to Mr Blaney for the poor standard of care he received, and we are pleased that the case has now been settled.” Served to 2730 unique users.

  93. 15/11/2017
    Search for the phantom animal killer. Served to 1813 unique users.

  94. 15/11/2017
    Community Safety Operation LIGHTUP Is there a street light out near you? Find the column number, and report it online.  Served to 3854 unique users.

  95. 16/11/2017
    WATCH: Houghton Regis Town Council Community Services Meeting 6th November 2017. Served to 1565 unique users.

  96. 16/11/2017
    Hundreds attend free jobs and training event.  Served to 2014 unique users.

  97. 16/11/2017
    WATCH: Home Affairs Committee Tuesday 14 November 2017 Meeting. Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire Kathryn Holloway spoke at various times from the start of meeting. She said: “We require an additional £10m a year... to bring us up to comparable levels". ◘ Watch: ◘ Report by Stewart Carr Served to 900 unique users.

  98. 16/11/2017
    WATCH: Planning 13th November 2017. Among the items discussed at the Town Council meeting, The Brook. Served to 1865 unique users.

  99. 16/11/2017
    WATCH: Cllr Joanna Hillyard had some strong words to say about travellers around the Woodside Link at Monday evening's Town Council Planning meeting. Served to 3329 unique users.

  100. 16/11/2017
    FROM THE POSTBAG: "Hi, Any news on the spate of Cast Iron drain covers being stolen from Houghton since the last load of Travellers arrived, lost 3 in my street (Kirton Way) this morning at 09:02 and 2 on Houghton Park Road this yesterday, I have reported it to the police and am happy to make my CCTV & DashCam footage available, the police reported it to the council and by 10am there was a crew out with cones and sandbags to cover the gaping holes in the road (Hats off for FAST service there !), talking to the driver he stated that so far over 100 have been taken in the last few days, as the grates are now unavailable it involves digging the old frames out of the road and replacing with a complete new unit !" — L.C. Served to 8401 unique users.

  101. 16/11/2017
    LIVE VIDEO Central Bedfordshire Council meeting for their Full Council Meeting on the 16th. Live video from 6.30pm, Thursday 16th. Includes: Charging policies, Debate on where S106 monies should be spent - locally or somewhere more remote? ◘ Agenda: ◘ Book an appointment to watch live or to watch later: Served to 878 unique users.

  102. 16/11/2017
    Come on! This shouldn't take long! Served to 909 unique users.

  103. 17/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk shared Houghton Regis Leisure Centre's post. Served to 2204 unique users.

  104. 17/11/2017
    The 'fundamental purpose' of journalism is to 'educate and inform'. Ideally. But we need to take away the commercial pressure to make profit to truly allow that to happen Go to to donate and support a variety of independent media platforms #SupportTheMediaRevolution Served to 854 unique users.

  105. 17/11/2017
    Can anyone tell why this pony is feeling glum? Top of Chalton hill, Sundon Road. Served to 3386 unique users.

  106. 17/11/2017
    Q &A about travellers around Houghton Regis. Excerpt from CBC meeting 16/11/2017. Speakers Dr Rita Egan, & Cllr Ian Dalgarno. Served to 2827 unique users.

  107. 18/11/2017
    The proposed new parliamentary constituency is "Luton North and Houghton Regis". Revised proposals published on 17 October 2017, set out the new constituencies in the Eastern region. You have until 11 December 2017 to have your say. Served to 971 unique users.

  108. 18/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk updated their status. Served to 1041 unique users.

  109. 18/11/2017
    Served to 3595 unique users.

  110. 18/11/2017
    What do you like about Houghton Regis? Served to 3595 unique users.

  111. 18/11/2017
    Roger Giugno from Houghton Regis addressed the Central Bedfordshire Council on Thursday evening with regard to the HRDC and Telereal Trillium which he believes have placed CBC in the pockets of a private company. ◘ Note: speakers are permitted 3 minutes; Mr Giugno had 4 minutes 10 seconds of hearable time on the official CBC recording. You can watch all of that in the full video at Served to 2172 unique users.

  112. 18/11/2017
    Support the Houghton Regis Streetlife group by helping to fund some rucksack to be equipped for local homeless people. Served to 2627 unique users.

  113. 19/11/2017
    Last chance for garden waste collection. Served to 2494 unique users.

  114. 19/11/2017
    Some tips to help keep you safe. Served to 1969 unique users.

  115. 19/11/2017
    ROAD CLOSURE HOUGHTON ROAD 21 st Nov. 9am-5pm. For permanent reinstatement of trench near Houghton Parade in the carriageway. from: Served to 9558 unique users.

  116. 19/11/2017
    Houghton Hall Park - This month’s task is on Sunday 26th. There will be coppicing of hazel at the edge of the football grounds. And weaving of wattle panels to protect the stools from being browsed when they re-sprout. The meeting point is the Visitor Centre Carpark for 10am. if interested in joining in and want more information, please contact: Jamie Proud The Greensand Trust Tel: 01525 840 191 Duty Mobile: 07511 702 357 Served to 1794 unique users.

  117. 19/11/2017
    The market in Dunstable is under threat. Is this something you would fight to keep? Served to 2601 unique users.

  118. 20/11/2017
    Please look out for Callum's bike. Bike owners might also like to record the bike's chassis number and this website: Served to 1928 unique users.

  119. 20/11/2017
    Anyone lost a dog? Served to 1923 unique users.

  120. 20/11/2017
    There's something happening in Bedford Square on Friday afternoon Served to 1845 unique users.

  121. 20/11/2017
    FROM THE POSTBAG " I had the fuel tank on my car drained sometime last week. Some delightful scrote decided to pierce the tank with a sharp implement (screwdriver?) and steal my expensive petrol. Obviously, I have no proof of who committed this crime, but it seems a very big coincidence that crime has skyrocketed in the area lately, just while our travelling "friends" have decided to blight the locale. " SC. And another resident has reported seeing "a gang of youths with jerry-cans". Send in Photos, video, and cctv images, please ! Served to 3041 unique users.

  122. 20/11/2017
    Edit: Update : *** This petition has been rejected *** PETITION We are asked to share this petition: "Reconsider current laws surrounding illegal encampments of travellers. The current laws are being majorly exploited thus not enabling councils and local police forces to effectively manage these situations. Current laws from a residents perspective appear weak and ineffective which appears to now be well known by these communities who take advantage of the loop holes. Currently multiple encampments of gypsies in the Luton/Dunstable/Houghton Regis & newly formed M1-A5 link road area (confirmed 170+ vehicles including caravans). Local businesses are being targeted, the area is now rife in fly tipping, vulnerable residents are being targeted for burglary and fraud, increase in criminal offences, residents even being attacked by loose dogs whilst using public bridleways. This has been ongoing for well in excess of a month and the council appear powerless to help." Served to 4795 unique users.

  123. 20/11/2017
    Central Bedfordshire Press Release For Immediate Release PR 8188 20 November 2017 Fighting for our communities The Leader of Central Bedfordshire Council, Councillor James Jamieson and Bedfordshire MPs met with Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, last week to discuss Government proposals for increased housing. The Department for Communities and Local Government launched a consultation called “Planning for the right homes in the right places” which would see a 60% increase on the number of homes that would need to be built in Central Bedfordshire. Hot on the heels of submitting the Council’s formal response to the consultation the Leader of the Council has met with Sajid Javid along with MPs Nadine Dorries and Andrew Selous to discuss the proposals. Council Leader James Jamieson said, "We are really concerned that the proposed new housing numbers are currently unrealistic and undeliverable. If the Government are serious about increasing house building they need to do more to help councils hold developers to account to deliver this growth, otherwise it simply won’t happen. “Equally as important to us is that growth is sustainable; that means homes are built alongside the services, jobs and road and rail infrastructure. Development should not be to the detriment of existing communities and to ensure this we need investment in critical infrastructure up front.” "The meeting was a great opportunity to explain how the Government’s proposals would affect our community and how the Government can help us ensure growth is well managed and sustainable.” ENDS MPs attending were Nadine Dorries and Andrew Selous For further information please contact: Karen Aspinall, Head of Communications Channels and Campaigns on 0300 300 6286 or email Served to 2811 unique users.

  124. 20/11/2017
    Benefits underpaid Served to 2144 unique users.

  125. 21/11/2017
    Business meeting - Houghton Regis Served to 1326 unique users.

  126. 21/11/2017
    FROM THE POSTBAG "Another big accident on the road between Streatley and Sundon turn off last night. The Police closed the road. I travel that road every day and believe the causes of several accidents on that road are as a result of: The Highways Agency resurfaced the road a few years ago. The centre whiteline and cats eyes were never replaced. Secondly you have speeding prize idiots with blinding illegal headlights that blind oncoming drivers with the glare. Fake Brittan last revealed how dangerous these fake bulbs are!" I.A.D. Editor's Footnote: "Highways Agency" is now Highways England. Highways England are responsible for Motorways and trunk roads. Resurfacing would have been done by Amey on behalf of CBC. Served to 2408 unique users.

  127. 21/11/2017
    "You may have spotted that elusive figure, the Chalgrave Rambler, on one of his rambles along the sleepy backwaters around Chalgrave and wondered what he’s up to. Peeping through hedges and crawling through undergrowth, he can arouse suspicions. But do not be concerned, the Chalgrave Rambler is simply on a quest to take mysterious snaps from quirky angles for the quarterly photo competition. " More ... Served to 1166 unique users.

  128. 21/11/2017
    ROADWORKS TODAY HOUGHTON ROAD This is scheduled for today. Should be back to normal for early evening commute. Served to 1920 unique users.

  129. 21/11/2017
    The CBC gritter has now been named as "Spready the Eagle." — named after the 1988 Winter Olympic skier, Eddie the Eagle, who used to live in Bedfordshire. 188 different names were put forward, with a shortlist of four being put to the public vote. Spready the Eagle went head-to-head with Snow Farah, Spready Mercury and Icetalavista. Spready the Eagle won with 39% of the 737 votes. To register for winter gritting alerts go to: Served to 1503 unique users.

  130. 21/11/2017
    HOSPITAL MERGER TALKS The public information events about the proposed merger of Bedford Hospital and Luton and Dunstable University Hospital begin this week. The first date is at the L&D from 11am to midday on Thursday, with an event at Bedford Hospital between 3pm and 4pm the following day. The third information session is at the Rufus Centre, in Flitwick, from 6pm to 7pm on Wednesday, 29 November. Please email to register or call 07504 109272 for more information and to confirm your attendance. Served to 1661 unique users.

  131. 21/11/2017
    Craft and Coffee are keen for community groups to get involved in decorating the concourse in Bedford Square this Christmas. The theme is to create a forest for Christmas and what better way to represent your organisation than to display a tree in the concourse that shows what your organisations all about. You don’t have to be part of an organisation to get involved. Houghton Regis Town Council is hosting a creative session on Friday 24th November in the concourse (outside the library) in Bedford Square from 3-5pm. The Youth Council have made a tree so that you can get creative making tree decorations to add to the community tree as part of the craft and coffee forest display. Served to 1122 unique users.

  132. 21/11/2017
    Autism Bedfordshire are setting up their first charity shop. The store will be at Lowther Road, Dunstable, opening on Friday 24th November. Served to 1446 unique users.

  133. 21/11/2017
    More supporters wanted ! Served to 875 unique users.

  134. 21/11/2017
    Councillors Surgery, this Saturday. Served to 1818 unique users.

  135. 22/11/2017
    HOSPITAL MERGER PROPOSAL Chief Executive of Bedford Hospital, Stephen Conroy, and Acting Chief Executive of Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, David Carter, will be at next week’s meeting of the council's Social Care Health and Housing Overview and Scrutiny Committee to discuss the proposed merger of the two hospitals. It’s being held at Priory House at 10am on Monday, 27 November and the public are welcome. If you can’t make it, the meeting’s also being webcast. ◘ Sign up for email reminder of webcast at ◘ Anyone wishing to speak for up to three minutes at the meeting needs to apply in advance. Served to 951 unique users.

  136. 22/11/2017
    Do you run a business in Houghton Regis? Served to 1033 unique users.

  137. 22/11/2017
    New leaflets on how and what to recycle are to be delivered across Central Bedfordshire Council area, following feedback from local residents. The council say that more recycling more means that taxpayers’ money can be spent on other services. Served to 1673 unique users.

  138. 22/11/2017
    So, is there a manhole cover missing in your road? Served to 2099 unique users.

  139. 22/11/2017
    Joining fee £25 Served to 1258 unique users.

  140. 22/11/2017
    Dunstable Market. DTC statement says traders at market will be able to apply for street trading licences at £409 pa, and will be offered use of pre-owned market stalls. Served to 2130 unique users.

  141. 22/11/2017
    Houghton Regis Craft & Coffee have been decorating the concourse of the Bedford Square complex Served to 1491 unique users.

  142. 23/11/2017
    Throwback Thursday. Houghton Regis Village Green. When sheep were grazed. View towards the village centre. Colourised from a black and white postcard. AW. #HoughtonRegisPast Served to 1311 unique users.

  143. 23/11/2017
    ‘Travel Choices Hub’ in Dunstable is to continue as before, following a successful funding bid to the Department for Transport’s Access Fund. Central Bedfordshire Council, along with Luton and Bedford Borough Councils, has jointly been awarded over £2.2m over the next three years to support residents to travel sustainably to work, particularly using their local train stations. Travel Choices Hub aims to help people to think a little differently about how they travel around. It provides information to the public on how to travel. Staff at the Hub can help plan a cycle-friendly route for you, or loan you a bike. The Hub also hosts various activities: ◘ Dr Bike holds free safety checks and can resolve bike problem using a mobile workshop. ◘ A cycle confidence course is available free of charge. ◘ The Hub offers bike security marking. ◘ A wide range of up-to-date local and national public transport information is available. To celebrate the relaunch, the Hub will be hosting an event on 7 December with the help of Charity Sustrans who will also be celebrating their 40th birthday. The celebrations will help to continue to raise awareness of the Hub and the services it provides. Served to 3477 unique users.

  144. 23/11/2017
    Any update? Served to 1621 unique users.

  145. 23/11/2017
    Park run... Can you help? Served to 1039 unique users.

  146. 23/11/2017
    Have you found a happy stone on your walks about the town? Why not make some of your own? Try using either permanent marker or acrylic paint then give them a squirt of lacquer or varnish to make them waterproof. Served to 2700 unique users.

  147. 23/11/2017
    This Saturday at home. Bedford Rd, Houghton Regis. Served to 998 unique users.

  148. 23/11/2017
    In July, Nelson from Tithe Farm Rd, approached others while riding a mountain bike. He threatened them while making out he had a gun in a bag. Jury found him guilty and he was jailed for 30 months. Served to 1910 unique users.

  149. 23/11/2017
    Houghton Regis News Desk's cover photo Served to 726 unique users.

  150. 23/11/2017
    Yes. You were supposed to park over the drain cover BEFORE it was stolen. Here's hoping your neighbour's in Chelsea Gardens will help you out of that one. Served to 3324 unique users.

  151. 23/11/2017
    Vacancies in Autism Bedfordshire, Parkinson’s Local Adviser and the Hope Programme have been posted. Served to 1129 unique users.

  152. 23/11/2017
    East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT) is the preferred bidder to provide Community Health Services in Bedfordshire for the next 5 years. BCCG is run by GPs, nurses, hospital doctors and other clinicians – the people you see whenever you come into contact with the NHS. All 51 GP practices in Bedfordshire are members of the CCG East London NHS Foundation Trust provides mental health and community services in London and Bedfordshire including Luton. The Trust is recognised as a centre of excellence for innovation and improvement. The Trust’s extensive work in research and education has led to a number of pioneering health solutions, giving them a strong academic reputation. Served to 969 unique users.

  153. 23/11/2017
    A couple of burnt out scooters by the side of Windsor Drive Recreation ground this afternoon. Bedfordshire Police are fully aware. Reference no is 115241117 Served to 5126 unique users.

  154. 23/11/2017
    Luton Airport resurfacing Served to 1286 unique users.

  155. 23/11/2017
    Small Charities Forum - 15 December (1.30pm - 4pm) Wrest Park Business Centre, Silsoe. This forum is being organised by Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation (BLCF), ‘bringing together the small but vital organisations within the county to highlight their work making remarkable differences in their communities.’ The Forum will be held on 15 December to tie in with the national celebration of Local Charities Day. Served to 679 unique users.

  156. 23/11/2017
    From our motoring correspondent - Served to 1141 unique users.

  157. 23/11/2017
    This Saturday... Served to 791 unique users.

  158. 24/11/2017
    Take a look in Bedford Square 3pm - 5pm today! Served to 878 unique users.

  159. 24/11/2017
    Ceramic Decorations @Jewels Served to 669 unique users.

  160. 24/11/2017
    Take a look at these proposals for Dunstable, and Have Your Say. Served to 2071 unique users.

  161. 24/11/2017
    Local schools to cycle, scoot and walk their way to Lapland Served to 863 unique users.

  162. 24/11/2017
    Garden waste collection is suspended over winter. Kerbside collection of household garden waste will be suspended from Monday, 4 December 2017 until Friday, 2 March 2018 inclusive. This link is also useful if your bin collection was missed. Served to 1599 unique users.

  163. 24/11/2017
    4 miles, 2 hours. Take a circular walk around Totternhoe and the Sewell Greenway. Guide available to download. Any suggestions for things to include in a circular walk around Houghton Regis? #HRNeighbourhoodPlan Served to 1501 unique users.

  164. 24/11/2017
    Bike stolen! Please check out Served to 3178 unique users.

  165. 24/11/2017
    Environment & Leisure 20th November 2017 Houghton Regis Town Council Served to 2036 unique users.

  166. 24/11/2017
    16 Days of Action against domestic abuse start today. Figures show that in 2016/17 there were an average of 275 domestic abuse incidents reported each month in Central Bedfordshire – and shockingly there was a child present in almost half of all reported incidents. Locally, there will be a pan-Bedfordshire event for professionals at The Incuba, in Dunstable, on Thursday, 30 November and information stands and a bake sale at Watling House, in Dunstable, on Monday, 4 December. Councillor Carole Hegley, Executive Member for Social Care and Housing at Central Bedfordshire Council, said: “The 16 Days of Action are a very important way of raising awareness of domestic abuse as well as the local support services available. “We all need to work together to support victims and help prevent these crimes. And hopefully this will encourage anyone who feels trapped in a violent relationship to take the first steps to escaping.” Find more information on the Bedfordshire Domestic Abuse Partnership’s website at Served to 1164 unique users.

  167. 25/11/2017
    Christmas Carol Service & Christmas Tree Light Switch On Served to 1355 unique users.

  168. 25/11/2017
    Cyber Protection Notice Served to 1260 unique users.

  169. 25/11/2017
    Rushmere Country Park, near Leighton Buzzard. Not for profit. More information at Served to 1735 unique users.

  170. 25/11/2017
    Cllr Ian Delgarno reported on Thursday that 69 drain covers had been stolen in the Dunstable / Houghton Regis area over the past week. If you have any CCTV or photos of suspicious activity it can be used. CBC and Police are attempting to find out where it's going to - (emerging markets abroad?) ◘ Report via 101 or ◘ Item 9 watch the discussion: Served to 2531 unique users.

  171. 26/11/2017
    Robin Hines — Honorary Freeman of Houghton Regis Served to 4025 unique users.

  172. 26/11/2017
    UPDATE *** CAR NOW FOUND *** A car similar to this was stolen in Houghton Regis last night. From our postbag: "Hi there, I’d appreciate the following being posted... My husband had his car stolen from Houghton Regis last night, between 8 and 10pm. If anyone sees or has seen a 16 plate white Vauxhall Viva with broken driver side brake lights, we would really appreciate you getting in touch. Thank you so much Reg plate KF16 FBE. We are hoping it’s been dumped somewhere Thank you" — LP (crime reference: JD/51686/2017) Served to 3054 unique users.

  173. 26/11/2017
    Online safety reminder after man pleads guilty to child sexual abuse Jacob Freckleton, 28, a railway engineer from Luton, pleaded guilty to five counts of making indecent images of a child and three counts of inciting a girl under the age of 13 to engage in sexual activity at an appearance at Luton Crown Court on Monday (20 November). ◘ Secrets - these can be good fun, but if they make us sad or confused it’s best to check them out with Mum or Dad or someone else you trust. ◘ Mates - take someone with you when you are going somewhere and stay together. ◘ Always tell your parents, carer or someone else you trust where you are going, who you are with and when you will be back. ◘ Respect your body and remember it is private. No one has the right to touch you on your private areas (those covered by your swimsuit). ◘ Tell your parents, carer or someone else you trust if someone or something makes you feel uncomfortable or frightened. ◘ To report concerns about child sexual abuse call Police on 101. You can visit the Parents Protect website, which is run by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, for lots of useful resources for parents to help prevent child sexual abuse. It also contains a list of organisations and resources focusing on keeping children safe in the digital world. Served to 2213 unique users.

  174. 26/11/2017
    Do you have a bike? Do you know its chassis number? Find it, then record it. You may need it later. Found a bike, or offered a bike? Check it out here: This website checks against over 70,000 records provided by Police Forces, bicycle insurers and stolen property registers. The records represent the most comprehensive free search you can do when buying a used bicycle. Served to 867 unique users.

  175. 26/11/2017
    Part of car? Served to 3192 unique users.

  176. 27/11/2017
    Healthwatch Central Bedfordshire Served to 109 unique users.

  177. 27/11/2017
    A woman has been mown down by a motorcyclist near Skimpot Road on Saturday morning. The woman sustained serious injuries when, at around 11am, a collision occurred between a pedestrian and a motorcycle on a footpath next to the Luton to Dunstable Busway, near Skimpot Road. The motorcycle left the scene. The motorcycle is described as having three riders, who all had their heads covered either with helmets or with hoodies. The driver may have been wearing a blue or green hoody. PC Jez Hutton, investigating, said: “I would like to speak to anyone who was in the area at the time and who saw the incident, as well as anyone who may have seen a bike with three riders in the area just after 11am.” Anyone with any information is asked to call PC Hutton on 101 quoting reference number 125 of today’s date. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111. Served to 3941 unique users.

  178. 27/11/2017
    Best wishes to the next Royal couple, from Royal Houghton Regis @ClarenceHouse Served to 1390 unique users.

  179. 27/11/2017
    Click through to hear the Christmas song Mark wrote. Served to 1286 unique users.

  180. 27/11/2017
    On Tuesday 21st November, the Town Mayor of Houghton Regis, Councillor Joanna Hillyard hosted our First start to the Christmas season 'A Celebration of Christmas' at the Grove Theatre. The event, which is now in its fifth year, included 180 children and young people from primary schools in the town, The Chiltern School, Stardust Theatre Company, Houghton Regis Children's Centre and the Art Starters Group from Full House Theatre. The two hour show event raised substantial funds for the Mayor's nominated charities. The stage was beautifully decorated by Houghton Regis Craft and Coffee and the show was stage managed by DJ Big Man Craig (Craig Lithgo). The Town Council received support from Houghton Regis Helpers in selling merchandise for the event as well as acting as 'runners' for the groups, along with Town Councillors and office Staff. This is what Councillor Joanna Hillyard, Town Mayor, said about the Celebration of Christmas.: "Music can make us dance, make us sleep, make us smile and make us cry and music can even invoke memories of the past. Music is a universal language that crosses boundaries’ and transcends all cultures and differences. From lullabies to the Glastonbury festival, from Hymns to the download charts we can all relate to music wherever we come from" "We were so lucky to be able to share in another musical extravaganza brought to us by the young people of Houghton Regis, whose dedication to music and singing is a credit to themselves and their town, and it once again demonstrates the enduring power of music to touch our hearts and lift our spirits." The event was sponsored by Houghton Regis Development Consortium. Pictures from the event are available to view here: Served to 1902 unique users.

  181. 27/11/2017
    Stolen Bike Survey  When Buying a New Bike 89% of buyers didn’t get any security advice 79% of buyers think they should 70% would prefer a retailer that offers security advice  Classifieds 96% said they weren’t doing enough to combat theft 56% said they should offer more advice about avoiding stolen bikes 97% said they should ask for a frame number from the seller  Frame Numbers 76% said they had recorded their frame numbers 15% said they hadn’t got round to it yet 97% would use a service like CheckThatBike! Served to 879 unique users.

  182. 27/11/2017
    L &D Hospital hope to give every patient spending Christmas Day in hospital a gift to wish them well. πŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŽ… Gifts are kindly donated by wonderful individuals and companies. If that link above doesn't work, please go to and then search Luton Hospital Wish lists are set up for male and female patients, teenagers, children and babies. All items are under £10 and items ordered from the wish list will be delivered straight to L&D so you don't need to worry about dropping them to the hospital! If your organisation would like to get involved please call the Fundraising Team on 01582 718289. Thank you for your support. Served to 2501 unique users.

  183. 27/11/2017
    Oh yes we are! Served to 642 unique users.

  184. 28/11/2017
    Watch: SOCIAL CARE, HEALTH & HOUSING OVERVIEW & SCRUTINY COMMITTEE (Mon, 27th Nov 2017 - 10:00 am) of interest might be items : 10 Proposed Hospital Merger 11 Primary Care Good Practice Models in Central Bedfordshire ... 1:58 Cllr Susan Goodchild enquired about plans for Houghton Regis surgeries. No firm plans at the present, came the response, but looking to have sub office(s) linked to main one. 12 Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire Safeguarding Adults Board Annual Report 2016-17 13 Award of Contracts for Residential and Nursing Home Placements Served to 763 unique users.

  185. 28/11/2017
    PAM SMY - LOCAL AUTHOR EVENT at Houghton Regis Library On 08/12/17 from 19:30 to 20:30 A great opportunity to meet local author & illustrator of Thornhill, Pam Smy. Senior Art Lecturer at Cambridge University, Pam combines her lecturing with specializing in illustration for chapter books and novels for older children. Tickets are £3.00 each and refreshments will be provided. Served to 798 unique users.

  186. 28/11/2017
    Free Cycle Parking Stands Available in Dunstable and Houghton Regis Served to 1021 unique users.

  187. 28/11/2017
    Served to 1661 unique users.

  188. 28/11/2017
    Theft of Vehicles - Advice for Residents This is a message sent via Beds Alert. This information has been sent on behalf of Bedfordshire Police You may have recently seen in the national news articles regarding the theft of vehicles when the key fob is in the house. Previously, thieves would break into a house to steal car keys but new technology means the vehicle can be removed without the owners being aware of any damage being caused. Whilst this issue is being investigated by police on a national level, there are a few measures you can take to protect your vehicle by ensuring your vehicle cannot be removed - with or without a key - and to make your key fob unreadable by other devices. Please spare a couple of minutes to watch the following BBC news article which shows how the crime is committed and what actions you can take to prevent it. RFID key pouches are readily available online at around £5.00. Please make sure you buy from a reputable supplier who has Sold Secure or Secured By Design accreditation. Served to 2847 unique users.

  189. 28/11/2017
    Tebworth Queen’s Head. The former pub was sold at auction recently. The Senior Planning Officer at CBC has confirmed that any change of use of the Queen’s Head to a use other than a public house would now require planning permission as a result of the recent changes to government regulations. The PC has also been notified that a restrictive covenant is on the transfer document for the sale of the Queens Head. CAMRA has advised the Save the Queens Head Group that an injunction can be sought to make sure the covenant is not lifted. The Group has asked the PC if it would consider the possibility of seeking an injunction. The PC will look into whether it can be removed and, if so, how this can be prevented. Source: CHALGRAVE PARISH COUNCIL Served to 1679 unique users.

  190. 28/11/2017
    Dog Poo Bags. Served to 1355 unique users.

  191. 28/11/2017
    Town Councillors were last night discussing spending money on potential works to the current Town Council offices versus the argument of doing nothing when a new premise may well be required on a so-far-unknown date in the future. Served to 1150 unique users.

  192. 28/11/2017
    Kingsland Defender Threatened By Aviva Served to 2545 unique users.

  193. 29/11/2017
    NHS Bedfordshire CCG Do you have any queries about local pharmacies? The Pharmacy Team will be hosting a live session on Twitter on Wednesday 29 November between 1:30 to 2:30pm. Please do join us at the live session, and if you do have any health questions you would like them to answer, please email them in advance to The team will also be answering questions that are sent in. All live via Twitter during the session More at Served to 819 unique users.

  194. 29/11/2017
    Burnt out car on Sewell Greenway. Served to 2437 unique users.

  195. 29/11/2017
    Lidl To Open In Dunstable on 14th December Served to 4391 unique users.

  196. 29/11/2017
    BEWARE: New car stealing technology is being used in this area! Police advise extra steering locks. Also consider buying a RFID Signal Blocking Bag from a reputable source. Served to 2354 unique users.

  197. 29/11/2017
    Central Bedfordshire Council has been named Best Social Work Employer of the Year Served to 883 unique users.

  198. 30/11/2017
    2nd December - Christmas Bazaar Served to 1023 unique users.

  199. 30/11/2017
    FROM THE POSTBAG 'Please look out for handbag stolen from my car on my drive yesterday in Cemetery Road, Houghton Regis? My card was then used in the shop in Bedford sq 😞😞 crime reference Jd/52175/2017' Served to 1659 unique users.

  200. 30/11/2017
    QUESTIONS Andrew Selous: Can the Minister tell us what specific help Jobcentre Plus is able to give older women to help them to retrain or to reskill to find age-appropriate work? Served to 1114 unique users.

  201. 30/11/2017
    Throwback Thursday. The Cement Works at Houghton Regis, 1927. Colourised from black and white (A Winter). Lost —? Houghton Road, lower left. All Saints Church Upper left, Cemetery Rd across the centre. Cement works ownership: 1926-1927 Dunstable Portland Cement Co. Ltd 1927-1931 Red Triangle 1931-1971 APCM (Blue Circle) ◘ Learn more at Served to 1364 unique users.

  202. 30/11/2017
    Make a tree and add it to all the others near the library. Served to 1275 unique users.

  203. 30/11/2017
    This is Stotfold. The same builders are building new houses off Bedford Rd in Houghton Regis. Served to 3666 unique users.

  204. 30/11/2017
    Book up for Boxing Day breakfast at Old Red Lion Served to 967 unique users.

  205. 30/11/2017
    What's On: Please comment below about any other events you know of this next week. Served to 1164 unique users.

  206. 30/11/2017
    This Saturday ... Served to 972 unique users.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

2017 October Houghton Regis News Desk Facebook Posts

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  1. 29/09/2017
  2. The Housing Debate. How many homes should Central Bedfordshire Council be expected to provide every year? Government targets are 2,500 houses a year and potentially more. CBC councillors think this is unfair, unreasonable and undeliverable. The Council, they argue, does not build houses, developers do, and government "wonks" have not done their calculations correctly. To inform yourself you might like to watch this debate held at CBC's meeting on the 28th. Served to 3900 unique users. Facebook Link

  3. 29/09/2017
  4. Events for today. Served to 789 unique users. Facebook Link

  5. 29/09/2017
  6. Meet your CBC councillors for Houghton Regis this Saturday 30th Sept 10-12 in the Library meeting room. No appointments, just come along to have a say. Served to 1100 unique users. Facebook Link

  7. 29/09/2017
  8. Live Music coming up at the Grove Theatre Served to 1275 unique users. Facebook Link

  9. 29/09/2017
  10. Have you ever been caught speeding in Drovers Way 20mph zone? A complaint about signs has not been upheld by Central Bedfordshire Council. A member of the public is now taking the matter up with the Local Government Ombudsman. 7628 speeding tickets were issued in Dunstable July 2016 to July 2017 exceeding 20MPH . Served to 23819 unique users. Facebook Link

  11. 29/09/2017
  12. PLANNING — An application for "Construction and operation of gas powered generators for the provision of flexible energy generation" on land at Chalton has been withdrawn. There were 48 out of 49 responses against the application. Served to 1247 unique users. Facebook Link

  13. 29/09/2017
  14. Have your say on proposed changes to Greenacres and The Stables — two gypsy and traveller Served to 2222 unique users. Facebook Link

  15. 30/09/2017
  16. Tebworth — Queen's Head sold at Auction, Villagers outbid. Served to 13656 unique users. Facebook Link

  17. 30/09/2017
  18. Developers for Houghton Regis North Site 1 have issued a statement following complaints that fly-tipped rubbish has not been collected. "Last weekend HRDC commenced the clean-up operation for the fly-tipping that has been illegally dumped on the HRN1 site and the intention was for the site to be clear within a couple of days. However, unfortunately, whilst this process was underway trespassers on the site set fire to the waste in the early hours of Sunday morning. Whilst the fire was put out, this will delay the clean-up operation as we are now required to test the soil that was excavated and placed on top of the fire before the waste can be removed. We hope to have the results back next week when we will take appropriate remedial action and we are continuing to work with our contractors to enhance the security of the site. The HRN1 Team can be contacted at or by calling freephone 0800 232 1794." ◘ You can read more about the scheme at: Served to 5738 unique users. Facebook Link

  19. 30/09/2017
  20. Harvest Service this Sunday Served to 1470 unique users. Facebook Link

  21. 30/09/2017
  22. The Pride of Houghton Awards take place later this month. Those nominated have been informed, and the event which is to be held at the Memorial Hall has already sold out. Served to 1828 unique users. Facebook Link

  23. 30/09/2017
  24. Supermarkets are reacting to 'chicken packaging' scandal. Served to 3211 unique users. Facebook Link

  25. 30/09/2017
  26. SCHEDULED ROADWORKS Served to 2896 unique users. Facebook Link

  27. 01/10/2017
  28. PATH RESTORATION All Saints' in Houghton Regis is looking to restore the path leading from Bedford Square to the south door of the church. The project is part of the renewal programme, aimed at improving access to the church for people with walking difficulties and wheelchairs, as well as young children in push-chairs. The path will be flanked by memorial plaques (or slabs) which can be sponsored and personalised with names of loved ones, as well as the years of birth and death. To order a slab or plaque they are £60 each, will measure 200mm x 150mm x 50mm, Names can have up to 16 characters. An order form can be found at the church or in the current Parish Magazine, or use the one here. Served to 5932 unique users. Facebook Link

  29. 01/10/2017
  30. Travellers There were further discussions on G&T's in this area at CBC's meeting on Thursday evening. I hope you got the chance to have a look at that live broadcast. If not, you can watch it again at and I would draw your attention to points made at the following times: — asking about fly-tipping in the area. (1hr 30 minutes into meeting). — Illegal traveller encampments (1hr 43min - 2hr into meeting) — policing of fly-tipping 1hr 51m Served to 1905 unique users. Facebook Link

  31. 01/10/2017
  32. Dunstable & Houghton Regis Business & Community Awards 2017 Enter now at Celebrating the achievements of local people, business and the community. Served to 1422 unique users. Facebook Link

  33. 01/10/2017
  34. Theft of a Mountain Bike last night Two males on bikes seen riding from the scene with a bike being pushed between them. STOLEN 30.09.17 Houghton Regis Parkside area approx between 23.30 and 00.30 Police have been informed. Served to 4243 unique users. Facebook Link

  35. 01/10/2017
  36. You may have seen the local volunteers from Houghton Regis Speed Watch team out and about, raising awareness of local speed limits. These information leaflets tell you a little bit about them and the process involved. And if you have some spare time during the day you could become a trained volunteer to lend a hand by contacting Served to 2049 unique users. Facebook Link

  37. 01/10/2017
  38. Information Leaflets for Houghton Regis Served to 1550 unique users. Facebook Link

  39. 01/10/2017
  40. Houghton Regis Library New Opening Times from this week Monday — closed Tuesday, – Friday 9am – 6pm Saturday, 9am – 4pm Served to 1134 unique users. Facebook Link

  41. 01/10/2017
  42. Cali-R Served to 1835 unique users. Facebook Link

  43. 01/10/2017
  44. Gold crucifix lost between Hilborough shops Morrisons and Trident Drive. She is very upset. Reward if found. Served to 1897 unique users. Facebook Link

  45. 01/10/2017
  46. Beer festival Served to 2063 unique users. Facebook Link

  47. 02/10/2017
  48. Tuesdays - Served to 1895 unique users. Facebook Link

  49. 02/10/2017
  50. New opening times at Houghton Regis Library Monday —Closed Tuesday - Friday 9 am to 6 pm Saturday 9 am to 4 pm Served to 7216 unique users. Facebook Link

  51. 02/10/2017
  52. UPDATE — The property sold at auction last week for £272,000 + VAT. Served to 6718 unique users. Facebook Link

  53. 02/10/2017
  54. Private Ambulance Service, under fire from patients and health watchdog for failing to get patients to hospital on time will cease to operate from 9th October 2017. Served to 5492 unique users. Facebook Link

  55. 02/10/2017
  56. Monarch airlines was placed into administration at 4am today and its 300,000 future bookings for flights and holidays have been cancelled. Served to 4551 unique users. Facebook Link

  57. 02/10/2017
  58. Just Ask TUESDAY 3rd OCT - A chance to pick up information and take part in various consultations. Morrisons, Houghton Regis - 9:00-13:00 providing advice&info on social care, skills, housing, children services. Served to 2003 unique users. Facebook Link

  59. 03/10/2017
  60. Under 9's sought for local football club. Served to 1426 unique users. Facebook Link

  61. 03/10/2017
  62. The Queen and Prince Philip are saddened by "terrible attack" in Las Vegas. Served to 8573 unique users. Facebook Link

  63. 03/10/2017
  64. Friday afternoon, Grove Park, Dunstable. Served to 2980 unique users. Facebook Link

  65. 03/10/2017
  66. Is cycling something the new Houghton Regis Neighbourhood Plan should strongly consider? Served to 7085 unique users. Facebook Link

  67. 03/10/2017
  68. Junior Park Run - to be run every Sunday morning. Served to 7449 unique users. Facebook Link

  69. 03/10/2017
  70. Council for Voluntary Services Update. ◘ free workshops for local voluntary and community sector organisations ◘ Funding opportunities ◘ News ◘ Local Charities Day is returning this year on Friday 15 December ◘ Vacancies in charity and care work Served to 2055 unique users. Facebook Link

  71. 04/10/2017
  72. Do you work in, shop in, or otherwise visit Hemel Hempstead town centre? It could soon be free of alcohol drinking, spitting, urinating and defecating in a public place. Sleeping in a public place could be banned, as could sitting in a manner that makes it look as if someone is begging. Cycling and skateboarding could be banned, as could feeding the birds and wildfowl. Survey closes 13 October 2017. Served to 11084 unique users. Facebook Link

  73. 04/10/2017
  74. Recycle those old batteries. household batteries* textiles and shoes* small electrical items* *Bag separately and place next to your recycling or refuse bin. Please don't place in your bin, as these won't be recycled. Served to 3279 unique users. Facebook Link

  75. 04/10/2017
  76. Travellers on A5 near Lord's Hill. Served to 3751 unique users. Facebook Link

  77. 04/10/2017
  78. Job vacancies? Try here. Served to 5879 unique users. Facebook Link

  79. 04/10/2017
  80. Fire & Rescue Service Christmas Card Competition - October 2017  Served to 1588 unique users. Facebook Link

  81. 05/10/2017
  82. For children transferring to secondary school next September. Apply by 31 October 2017. Served to 2411 unique users. Facebook Link

  83. 05/10/2017
  84. Health & Wellbeing Fair is TODAY! Served to 1124 unique users. Facebook Link

  85. 05/10/2017
  86. Crime Report for August (Houghton Regis excluding Sewell).  Served to 2670 unique users. Facebook Link

  87. 05/10/2017
  88. Stuck for something? Try our Groups: Houghton Regis Conversation Houghton Regis Business Houghton Regis Planning Applications Buses in Houghton Regis and Dunstable A Jolly Good Churgle Jobs in South Bedfordshire Served to 656 unique users. Facebook Link

  89. 05/10/2017
  90. Sandringham Hub — Friday's is YOUTH CLUB time. All local children welcome to attend, 5:30pm-7:00pm for ages 7-11 and 7:30pm-9:00pm for ages 12+ #happyfriday #communityinvolvement #localyouthclub Served to 557 unique users. Facebook Link

  91. 05/10/2017
  92. Wildlife Talk Oct 18th Served to 1169 unique users. Facebook Link

  93. 05/10/2017
  94. Dad and Me - this Saturday, Hawthorn Park School Served to 1466 unique users. Facebook Link

  95. 06/10/2017
  96. Apply to be on Question Time. Served to 3982 unique users. Facebook Link

  97. 06/10/2017
  98. Harvest Thanksgiving — All Saints Houghton Regis Sunday 8 October Served to 1380 unique users. Facebook Link

  99. 06/10/2017
  100. A busy week for Houghton Regis Town Council next week. A Town Council meeting on Monday evening, a Town Partnership meeting on Tuesday. All Welcome. Agendas: Served to 1053 unique users. Facebook Link

  101. 06/10/2017
  102. Gareth & Catherine Bull Advance Fee Lottery Scam. Every day a new scam. Always be aware. This one arrived yesterday. But it's yet another trick to get you to give the scammers money. Read about it here. Served to 4408 unique users. Facebook Link

  103. 06/10/2017
  104. SOS bus cover events in Luton / Dunstable / Houghton Regis, and they are currently looking for a few more volunteers to help out. Served to 1857 unique users. Facebook Link

  105. 06/10/2017
  106. Road closure Name: Hatters Way Location: at A5065 Hatters Way, Caddington, Central Bedfordshire (Hatters Way) 07 October — 08 October Diversion route Location: at A5065 Hatters Way, Caddington, Central Bedfordshire 07 October — 08 October Responsibility: Luton Borough Council Served to 6119 unique users. Facebook Link

  107. 06/10/2017
  108. 180 years ago ... Typo's, always typo's! Served to 3036 unique users. Facebook Link

  109. 07/10/2017
  110. A traveller has been sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment after being convicted of the manslaughter of Dunstable man Adam Fanelli in 2015. Served to 4754 unique users. Facebook Link

  111. 07/10/2017
  112. BURGLARY SPIKE Regrettably, the darker Autumn nights would seem to be contributing to a spike in burglaries, with Houghton Regis becoming an emerging hot spot. This message is to suggest that now might be a good time for you to review your own home security in order to prevent becoming the next victim of such crime. We have available a free "Home Security DIY Guide" together with a mini property marking pack which you can obtain by simply responding to this message (email at bottom) and providing your full contact information, (namely name, address and postcode). Alternatively, if you require specific crime prevention information on home security options such as burglar alarms, CCTV or joining one of our popular Watch Schemes then please email your query and I will respond to you directly. SIgn Up For Beds Alert at Regards Lesley Johnson CRO 3120 (Bedfordshire Police, Crime Reduction Officer, Community Safety Dept) Served to 4010 unique users. Facebook Link

  113. 07/10/2017
  114. Can anyone identify these? Found on path between Sundon Rd and Hammersmith Gardens. Served to 2753 unique users. Facebook Link

  115. 07/10/2017
  116. Woodland Trust Campaigns. Served to 1882 unique users. Facebook Link

  117. 08/10/2017
  118. Over 65 Or Pregnant? Or Have Children Aged 2-8? Be Sure To Get Your Free Flu Vaccine Served to 3397 unique users. Facebook Link

  119. 08/10/2017
  120. Owner and dog re-united. Served to 2976 unique users. Facebook Link

  121. 08/10/2017
  122. Road closure Name: High Street Location: at High Street Service Road, Houghton Regis, Central Bedfordshire (High Street) 09 October — 13 October / 9.00 — 15:30 Served to 13727 unique users. Facebook Link

  123. 08/10/2017
  124. Fire in Luton, student accommodation. Take care. Served to 3131 unique users. Facebook Link

  125. 08/10/2017
  126. Across the UK some 7 million people are not correctly registered to vote. Did you send back your registration form this year? It does matter. Served to 4097 unique users. Facebook Link

  127. 08/10/2017
  128. Santa at the Zoo. Bookings now being taken. Served to 4434 unique users. Facebook Link

  129. 08/10/2017
  130. Macmillan Cancer Support are taking part in World's Biggest Coffee Morning at the Baptist Church, Hammersmith Gardens on 11th October. Served to 1737 unique users. Facebook Link

  131. 09/10/2017
  132. Fly-tippers caught in the act by CCTV Two fly tippers have been fined over £2,600 after both were caught on Central Bedfordshire Council's Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras. Served to 11771 unique users. Facebook Link

  133. 09/10/2017
  134. The road at The Green is closed this week (9th - 13th Oct) between 9am and 3.30pm, except for access. The road is being resurfaced from Bedford Sq roundabout to Chequers roundabout. An alternative route for cars is via Sundon Rd, Hillborough Crescent, Tithe Farm Rd. Official alternative route (HGV etc) is via Woodside Industrial estate, Church Street and High Street North in Dunstable, then Houghton Road. Served to 7684 unique users. Facebook Link

  135. 09/10/2017
  136. Houghton Parkside — just for Parkside news ! Please Like and Share if your'e a Parksider ! Served to 1531 unique users. Facebook Link

  137. 10/10/2017
  138. Friday (6/10) at 12.18pm crews from Dunstable and Luton were called to a property in Milton Way, Houghton Regis. Firefighters had to force entry to the property and used a thermal imaging camera and a hose reel to extinguish the fire. The fire started after some cooking had been left unattended and caught fire. Pete Buckingham, Community Safety Team Manager said: “It is important that you don’t become complacent while cooking at home. These fires we have had over the past few weeks were all avoidable. “If you need to leave your kitchen for any reason you should turn your cooker off. Don’t be distracted by someone coming to the door and leave cooking on the hob and don’t become so engrossed in your tablet or mobile phone that you forget about what you’re doing in the kitchen. Always take pans off the heat or turn them down to prevent them overheating and catching fire when you have finished cooking”. Served to 3182 unique users. Facebook Link

  139. 10/10/2017
  140. An Executive meeting of Central Beds Council is currently taking place. Urgent Item 17a. Revised timetable for Local Plan bringing forward submission from Oct 18 to Mar 18 to give the council some defence from lastest government proposals. Watch now or later at Served to 1558 unique users. Facebook Link

  141. 10/10/2017
  142. Andrew Selous, MP, spoke in the Gypsies and Travellers and Local Communities Government Policy on the Proceedings of the House – in the House of Commons at 6:29 pm on 9th October 2017. He told the House, "We need an up-to-date Land Registry. We need the Gypsy and Traveller accommodation assessment to require people to answer questions in interviews. If they can avoid answering the council officer’s questions about whether they are Travellers, the system simply does not work. We need immediate court access for local authorities. The planning policy guidance on Traveller sites from the Department should include a requirement for licensing, which would give local authorities proper power. I want the ability to impound vehicles involved in fly-tipping or other criminal activity, regardless of ownership. I also want checks on the wealth of Travellers, some of whom are enormously wealthy. Why should the taxpayer have to provide pitches for them?" Read Andrew Selous in full Served to 14849 unique users. Facebook Link

  143. 10/10/2017
  144. Fire Safety message. Please remember these simple tips. Served to 1275 unique users. Facebook Link

  145. 10/10/2017
  146. CBC Trading Standards Nab Fix A Roof Ltd trader who admitted two counts of aggressive commercial practice and one count of fraud. Served to 4588 unique users. Facebook Link

  147. 10/10/2017
  148. Informal chance to chat Would you like to find out more about adopting a child or children? Regular information sessions are held where you can have an informal chat with one of the adoption team, who will be able to answer any of your questions. The next one is taking place on Wednesday (11 October) from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at CBC’s Priory House offices in Chicksands, Shefford. No need to book – just turn up. If you can’t make it then you can call the team on 0300 300 8090 or email Served to 1286 unique users. Facebook Link

  149. 10/10/2017
  150. Kent Rd - Parking On The Footpath Served to 4105 unique users. Facebook Link

  151. 10/10/2017
  152. Inbetweenies - every Thursday 2pm to 3pm for toddlers to 2 years old. Served to 1470 unique users. Facebook Link

  153. 10/10/2017
  154. Central Bedfordshire is one of the most prosperous areas in Great Britain, according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics (link opens in new window). Our area has the third fastest job growth rate in Great Britain, having grown by 11,500 new jobs to 104,000 (2015 to 2016), a growth of 12.4%. This is double the growth rate of the City of London (6%) and five times faster than the UK average growth (1.9%). Served to 1985 unique users. Facebook Link

  155. 10/10/2017
  156. "Caz" isn't happy. Let's help "Caz" feel better. Did you see who did this to her car? "Not impressed my car got hit today while parked no one left message cause of rat race using Leafields / Ash Tree Rd to cut round cause of The Green closure" Served to 6067 unique users. Facebook Link

  157. 10/10/2017
  158. 10 October 2017 13:02 🚢🏾COUCH TO 5K πŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️ If anyone is interested in building up to a 5k over a 9 week programme then please join Houghton Regis Casual Joggers for more information as we're looking to get enough interest to run it! The group are friendly with mixed abilities and often go out for runs of a varying length! All welcome. Chloe Served to 10263 unique users. Facebook Link

  159. 11/10/2017
  160. Grove Theatre - Survey - Win a Family panto ticket Served to 1677 unique users. Facebook Link

  161. 11/10/2017
  162. The Town Council on Monday adopted a new Social Media Policy that affects how its employees, contractors, consultants, casual workers, and agency workers use social media. Councillors are not covered by this. While the Policy does not form any part of an employee's contract, breach of the policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal. The Policy rules are in keeping with many other organisation's rules about using social media. For example, the rules make it clear that 'only employees who have been trained in using social media are permitted to post content to the Councils own social media channels or who post content to other people's social networks on behalf of the Council'. Other rules say, 'you are not permitted to add business contacts made during the course of your employment to personal social networking accounts', and 'you must not express opinions on the Town Councils behalf via social media unless expressly authorised to do so'. Approval must be sought from the Town Clerk with regard to any comment for publication anywhere, including in any social media outlet. And, 'employees are encouraged not to have current Councillors on their personal social networking accounts'. When published, the Policy should be available at: Prior to the adoption of the Policy, I asked in public question time, what form the training would take, or would the Clerk be suddenly put on the spot? Had employees been consulted, they might have suggestions to make? Does the Bullying Policy include Cyber-bullying or should that be in the Social Media Policy? (Bullying Policy does include 'emails' but doesn't include what is acceptable/ unacceptable in emails). I was told that any changes needed could be made when the Policy is next reviewed. Councillors agreed to adopt the Policy without any further discussion. — Alan Winter, editor HRND. Served to 3376 unique users. Facebook Link

  163. 11/10/2017
  164. Friday at The Crown. Served to 947 unique users. Facebook Link

  165. 11/10/2017
  166. Roadworks are scheduled to the end of the week at East End, Houghton Regis. Official closure times are 9am to 3.30pm. Signed diversions are in place. Today a spokesperson for the operation told HRND, "We're sorry about the working time over-run yesterday. This was because materials arrived late and we could not leave the road in the state it was in." Served to 2082 unique users. Facebook Link

  167. 11/10/2017
  168. CCTV incidents in Houghton Regis between April and June this year were presented in a report to the Town Partnership Committee on Tuesday evening. The report states, "The CCTV control room continues to monitor problems with street drinkers in the Bedford Square area in Houghton Regis in close liaison with the police. CBC is progressing with its project to start the upgrade of public space CCTV in Central Bedfordshire" *This report contains data gathered by Central Beds Council’s CCTV Control Room. It does not include details of the police response to any particular incident where an arrest is not made, nor does it include incidents not captured by CCTV; for this reason, the data will not reflect the overall picture of crime and disorder in any area. Personal data is excluded to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Served to 12811 unique users. Facebook Link

  169. 11/10/2017
  170. What's On Your Mind? A graph showing comments made at the Community Day organised locally by Central Beds Council at the Baptist Church on 30th August was presented to a meeting in Houghton Regis yesterday. Served to 3555 unique users. Facebook Link

  171. 11/10/2017
  172. Christmas cheer ... Served to 3714 unique users. Facebook Link

  173. 12/10/2017
  174. Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre Opens To Public 12th October Served to 10881 unique users. Facebook Link

  175. 12/10/2017
  176. Morrisons .... earlier this week Don't expect much to be left now. Served to 6567 unique users. Facebook Link

  177. 12/10/2017
  178. Houghton Regis Based Whitbread Buys Out Its Chinese Coffee Market Partner Served to 3450 unique users. Facebook Link

  179. 12/10/2017
  180. Parkside Crime Stats. Served to 1796 unique users. Facebook Link

  181. 12/10/2017
  182. Stop Smoking in Houghton Regis Performing Well and Above Target Served to 1612 unique users. Facebook Link

  183. 12/10/2017
  184. Physios and other professional therapists are invited to a demonstration of a new fitness machine for disabled people taking place in Houghton Regis on Friday 20th October. Please register for this event if you have an interest in creating new fitness opportunities for your patients by going to Served to 1412 unique users. Facebook Link

  185. 12/10/2017
  186. More Anti-Crime Tips from Beds Police. Served to 1150 unique users. Facebook Link

  187. 13/10/2017
  188. Network Rail are scheduled to do some bridge inspections on Sundon Road overnight 14-15 October, which will mean a road closure. Served to 1358 unique users. Facebook Link

  189. 13/10/2017
  190. Houghton's Heritage Society Now A Registered Charity Served to 1438 unique users. Facebook Link

  191. 13/10/2017
  192. A new Planning Application has been submitted for a residential development for up to 100 dwellings at Bury Spinney on the Thorn Road. The proposed development is within the designated HRN2 site earmarked for development as part of the northern expansion of Houghton Regis. Details can be found at Comments on the application can be sent to quoting CB/17/04108/OUT Served to 2587 unique users. Facebook Link

  193. 13/10/2017
  194. Grove Rd - 84 year old found guilty of ten counts of sexual abuse following a trial at Luton Crown Court on Tuesday, October 10 Served to 3860 unique users. Facebook Link

  195. 13/10/2017
  196. What's On Guide Served to 723 unique users. Facebook Link

  197. 13/10/2017
  198. Roadworks at The Green, Houghton Regis were being completed today. And, as you can see from the video, the Circus is in town: Circus performances: FRI 13TH OCT @ 4.30 & 7.30 SAT 14TH OCT @ PM & 5PM SUN 15TH OCT @11.30AM & 2.30PM MON 16TH OCT @ 6PM ONLY TUES 17TH OCT @ 6PM ONLY WED 18TH OCT @ 4.30 ONLY Circus tickets can be bought for £8 each online at Served to 2118 unique users. Facebook Link

  199. 13/10/2017
  200. Unauthorised Encampments Andrew Selous Conservative, South West Bedfordshire 2:13 pm, 12th October 2017, House of Commons. IRISH TRAVELLER EDUCATION "Since Monday’s debate, we have had the shocking revelation of the race disparity audit figures. The absence rate for white British pupils is 4.6% and for Chinese pupils 2.4%, yet for Irish Traveller children, it is 18%. Some 97% of Chinese and Indian children stay on in education after age 16; 91% of mixed white and black Caribbean children do; yet 58% of Irish Traveller children do. This House and this Government face a big issue. Do we prioritise the cultural practice of being able to travel—in itself, there is nothing wrong with that—over children’s right to an education?" More ... "I believe in the melting pot view of society. I believe that if we all live alongside each other, by and large, we can get along well together and have good community cohesion. "A small story: two gentlemen came to see me at my surgery a couple of weeks ago about some local authority repairs that had not been done. I dealt with the gentleman who had a case, and took it up with the local authority. It turned out that he was a Traveller, in his 60s, who was unable to read or write, and his neighbour, who was not a Traveller but a member of the settled community, had come along to help him. Is that not a lovely story?" " ... Modern slavery is occurring, and the police and the council cannot get to them to protect them properly in the way that all of us would like them to be." More at Served to 1823 unique users. Facebook Link

  201. 13/10/2017
  202. Join the junior runners in Houghton Hall Park every Sunday morning 9am. What is Houghton Hall junior parkrun? It is a 2k run for juniors only (4-14 year olds). If you are not a junior please try one of our weekly Saturday parkrun events instead. When is it? It is held every Sunday at 9:00am. Where is it? The event takes place at Houghton Hall Park, Park Road North, Houghton Regis, Beds, LU5 5UZ. See Course page for more details. What does it cost to join in? Nothing - it's free! but please register before your first run. Only ever register with parkrun once. Don't forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode (request a reminder). How fast do I have to be? The aim is to have fun. Please come along and join in whatever your pace! We're friendly! Every week we grab a post parkrun coffee in the Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre - please come and join us! Served to 1131 unique users. Facebook Link

  203. 13/10/2017
  204. Local schools take part singing in this annual event. Always sells out. Tickets ONLY on sale from The Grove Theatre Box Office from Saturday 14th October. £5 Adults, £2.50 for children and concessions. Served to 1187 unique users. Facebook Link

  205. 14/10/2017
  206. Halloween for Children 29th October 2017 @ 2pm-3.30pm Booking essential – limited numbers. Location: RSPB The Lodge, Sandy, Beds SG19 2DL Price: Car park/entrance fees apply to non RSPB members. Cost: Adults free, children £10, RSPB Wildlife Explorers £8 Costs include storytelling, a small birch broom and pumpkin to take home. An event of spooky activities awaits you! Come along and carve a pumpkin, bob an apple, bowl a witch and scare us in your ghoulish Halloween outfits! Make a small birch broom to fly home on with birch sticks from the reserve and finish with a spooky story. Will the wicked witch of Sandy be with us again? Children must be accompanied by an adult. Served to 983 unique users. Facebook Link

  207. 14/10/2017
  208. If you have recently been made unemployed or are looking for work then why not check out the different support options available and upcoming jobs fairs? There are weekly work clubs taking place in Dunstable (Wednesday morning), Houghton Regis (Wednesday afternoon). You can also contact the Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service by calling 0300 300 8110 or emailing Or for more information about work support and courses, you can also visit Served to 1650 unique users. Facebook Link

  209. 14/10/2017
  210. Halloween Disco 26th October 2017 @ 6.00pm - 9.30pm Location: Rushmere Country Park Price: Tickets £12 per child - booking required Fun kids’ event in Rushmere Country Park Tree Tops CafΓ© suitable for ages 5-12 – a chance to experience the park after dark! Make sure you come in your Halloween costume! Ticket includes hot dog, juice, fancy dress competition, games and dancing. The bar will be open and food available for adults to purchase. Tickets £12 per child – booking required Served to 858 unique users. Facebook Link

  211. 14/10/2017
  212. Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre is due to be part of a formal opening event of the whole park next year. This week, Houghton Hall Park Facebook Page announced, without prior public warning, on 11 October at 18:08, "The brand new Houghton Hall Park Visitor Centre was formally opened by Councillor Fiona Chapman MBE, Chair of Central Bedfordshire Council this afternoon." A further explanation was sent to HRND editor stating, "We opened the doors to the visitor's centre on Thursday 12th October as a soft launch to the public. In the week running up to the opening, works to the building were still being carried out and final touches were being made. We had the option of publicising the opening in advance however if we were not able to open on the 12th we did not want to disappoint customers and people who have followed the project from the start to its end. Please be assured, the Visitors Centre is only part of the whole HLF project and a formal opening of the whole park will take place early next year. A community event is planned to celebrate the completion of the whole project which includes the community centre, gardens as well as works taking place within the wider park." ◘ In 2015 Central Bedfordshire Council was awarded £2.196million to deliver a prestigious project for Houghton Regis. The Parks for People programme - a joint initiative between the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and the Big Lottery Fund (BIG) - with the aim of restoring the vitality of the historic Houghton Hall Park. At the time, Cllr Laura Ellaway, Houghton Regis Town Mayor, said: “The award of this grant is the direct result of a considerable amount of hard work from Central Bedfordshire Council, Houghton Regis Town Council and many local organisations and local residents. What an exciting and positive way to start 2015.” ◘ In Heritage Lottery Fund's Top Ten Tips, they recommend at number 1, "Make sure that you start planning early! We recommend at least three months before the event, as that gives you time to agree the purpose of the event, secure a venue, finalise all the details and get all the invites out as early as possible! " Served to 2055 unique users. Facebook Link

  213. 14/10/2017
  214. Domestic Abuse Survey Served to 1648 unique users. Facebook Link

  215. 14/10/2017
  216. Centrebus are soon to withdraw the Y bus effective 3rd December. The service currently runs from Luton town centre looping around Houghton Regis, while utilising part of the Busway. The service was only started on 3rd September. The Y bus had served Windsor Drive in Houghton Regis and was seen by some as a partial replacement for the re-routing of Arriva's Z bus. Posters on the side of the bus advertise a weekly ticket for £7.50. P.S. Hang on, folks! Curiously, a new Registration has been made for ZA/AZ service, "Start point Luton Interchange Finish point Luton Interchange Via Lewsey Farm, Houghton Regis & Dunstable" These Registrations take awhile to be approved, and this could mean anything. So until we hear more from the companies, watch this space! Served to 7309 unique users. Facebook Link

  217. 14/10/2017
  218. Check out what's going on in Served to 2971 unique users. Facebook Link

  219. 14/10/2017
  220. Aldwyck achieves Customer Service Excellence Award for fourth consecutive year Served to 2477 unique users. Facebook Link

  221. 15/10/2017
  222. Half Term Theatre in Luton Served to 1458 unique users. Facebook Link

  223. 15/10/2017
  224. Some delays can be expected on Bedford Rd 16-27 October. Served to 7035 unique users. Facebook Link

  225. 15/10/2017
  226. On Friday Mr Giugno filmed himself filling in a trench separating the Woodside Link from the field where rubbish was dumped by trespassers. The trench was put in by Houghton Regis North Development Corporation to prevent further intrusions to the illegal rubbish dumping site. The rubbish is still there. Served to 5879 unique users. Facebook Link

  227. 15/10/2017
  228. Houghton Hall Park Served to 568 unique users. Facebook Link

  229. 15/10/2017
  230. Membership numbers at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre increased by 846 between April and July 2017. Some of this increase can be attributed to the closure of the Leisure Centre at Dunstable. The Centre reports that since it installed digital customer comments machines in the reception area, more feedback has been received, and by acting on every complaint, is able to add that they now receive more compliments than complaints. The report was made to a Houghton Regis council meeting during the last week. Served to 2240 unique users. Facebook Link

  231. 15/10/2017
  232. 228 children are reported to have taken part in the Children's Summer Reading Challenge at Houghton Regis Library. And 18 organised children's activities in the school holidays added an extra 271 adults and 429 children to the library's monthly footfall. Dragons' Den winners 'Sublime Science' did a launch event, and entertained with smoke rings, goo, slime and bubbling potions. Ful House Theatre performed Memory Lane to 35 people on 1st August. Voluntary and Community Action run a Work Club on Wednesday afternoon 1- 3pm; 4YP and CBC Tenants Association hold a over-50s gadget session in the library; Health Walks start at the library every Tuesday at 10am and Thursdays at 4pm ◘ Houghton Regis Library: ◘ Sublime Science Parties: Served to 1148 unique users. Facebook Link

  233. 15/10/2017
  234. A new video promoting the county. Leave comments below. Served to 1872 unique users. Facebook Link

  235. 15/10/2017
  236. Now that the town centre bottle banks have been relocated to Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, where do you take yours, or have you given up recycling them? Served to 6195 unique users. Facebook Link

  237. 16/10/2017
  238. The Pride of Houghton Awards were hosted by Houghton Regis Town Council at the Memorial Hall on Saturday evening. The event was packed out by those nominated and their guests. Individual Award went to Carol Butler. Local Group award went to Houghton Regis Helpers Carer award went to Shannon Lynch (pictured centre, see notes below) Local Business award to Razor Young Person award to All Saints Academy Student Voice Special Award to D & I Butchers Local Hero award to Anne Bailey Olive Burgess Shield to SOS Bus Luton A special presentation was made to Youth Council of Houghton Regis. More details and photos at the Town Council Facebook Page. — "Shannon has worked for Special Needs Out of Hours School Club (SNOOSC) part time since the age of 13. Starting off as a 'Buddy', working her way up to 'Team Leader'. Now 19 she attends the University of Northampton, studying 'Primary Education with QTS" and hopes one day to specialise in 'special needs education'. Shannon shows 110% commitment to the club and the young people she cares for. Shannon's work colleagues and staff respect her for the dedication and hard work she puts in to ensure the smooth running of the club. Her love for caring shines through whenever she is at work. Shannon currently cares for two young children with special needs on a regular basis. This provides much-needed respite for the family and also provides care and fun for the young children. In previous times, Shannon has also cared for other young children within the community. She goes above and beyond to ensure she (and her team, when working at SNOOSC) provides the very best care for the young people. Although Shannon is paid for the work she does, she is very vocal in that her rewards are non-monetary; she 'loves' the young people she helps, and putting smiles on faces is a reward money cannot give." Served to 3391 unique users. Facebook Link

  239. 16/10/2017
  240. Reward For Stolen Bike Grey Yahama MT125 Reg no RV16MHZ This grey bike was stolen from GO Houghton carpark at 14.57, Sunday. The two people on the green bike, one wearing a red helmet and the other a black helmet are also sought in connection with this. There is a reward of £1,000 for safe return of the bike. Served to 2601 unique users. Facebook Link

  241. 16/10/2017
  242. It might be October, but In this balmy weather, you don't need a coat when you go outside! Served to 1862 unique users. Facebook Link

  243. 16/10/2017
  244. Biffa - "Driving Reckless on Pavements" new campaign. Served to 3770 unique users. Facebook Link

  245. 16/10/2017
  246. It's like looking through yellow cellophane at the moment. Served to 3795 unique users. Facebook Link

  247. 17/10/2017
  248. Constituency Boundary Changes An 8-week consultation lasting until 11 December has begun. Under the Boundary Commission's proposals, Houghton Regis would be in a new constituency that would be called 'Luton North and Houghton Regis". In the last consultation, the Commission had given this proposed constituency the name "Luton North And Houghton". The new boundaries would only affect the MP you vote for. It would not affect who you pay your council tax to, or your address. ◘ One of the aims of the proposed changes is to even out the number of people in each constituency. ◘ The current 650 MPs would be reduced to 600. ◘ Among the proposals, Islington North represented by Jeremy Corbyn for 34 years, would disappear. And Boris Johnson's Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency would go. To have your say, go to Served to 8943 unique users. Facebook Link

  249. 17/10/2017
  250. The John Lawson Circus has two performances left for its summer period. Today at 6pm, and Wednesday at 4.30pm on Houghton Regis Green. Tickets from the box office on The Green, £8 each. Served to 1803 unique users. Facebook Link

  251. 17/10/2017
  252. Art Town Served to 1073 unique users. Facebook Link

  253. 17/10/2017
  254. Luton Whats On Theatre Served to 1031 unique users. Facebook Link

  255. 17/10/2017
  256. #darkdestroyer in town ? Served to 1650 unique users. Facebook Link

  257. 17/10/2017
  258. LEAF ROAD — Man in 50s jailed for 12 months and must register as a Sex Offender for 5 years. Served to 5623 unique users. Facebook Link

  259. 17/10/2017
  260. Small Business help Served to 1628 unique users. Facebook Link

  261. 17/10/2017
  262. Chalgrave PC provisional minutes of last meeting and Agenda for next. Concern over missing 7.5 tonne limit signs; New Rector, Linda Washington is now in place; Attendance at All Saints Chalgrave has almost doubled from earlier in the year. An event at church raised £1,550 in Sept. Served to 1586 unique users. Facebook Link

  263. 17/10/2017
  264. Anyone interested in 'Travellers' should have a look at this video made last week in Westminster Hall Thursday 12 October 2017 Meeting started at 1.30pm, ended 3pm MPs make a lot of interesting comments. Worth 'dipping in' if you don't have 90 minutes to spare. Served to 2350 unique users. Facebook Link

  265. 17/10/2017
  266. When you get your change, look out for those old £1 coins. They're no longer legal tender. Served to 4848 unique users. Facebook Link

  267. 17/10/2017
  268. Guard Against Burglary Served to 1794 unique users. Facebook Link

  269. 17/10/2017
  270. jobs Served to 6098 unique users. Facebook Link

  271. 18/10/2017
  272. NHS ratings look good for Luton & Dunstable University Hospital NHS Trust. ◘ Ranked 1 out of 134 trusts for A&E treatments under 4 hours. ◘ Ranked 16 out of 135 for Cancer care. ◘ Ranked 34 out of 131 trusts for planned ops and care. See more at : Served to 7229 unique users. Facebook Link

  273. 18/10/2017
  274. Could you give a child a second chance in life? It’s National Adoption Week (16-22 October) – and if you’d be interested in offering a child or children a second chance in life. call the team on 0300 300 8090 or email to find out more. Served to 1458 unique users. Facebook Link

  275. 18/10/2017
  276. An archaeological survey carried out in August 2017 for a planning application for 100 new homes at Bidwell Spinney on Thorn Road, has found nothing significant. No archaeological artefacts were present within the 18 trial trenches dug. No evidence for the presence of structures or other settlement activity such as postholes or pits was seen. The application is one that is being looked at in our associated Facebook group, Houghton Regis Planning Applications. Report: Served to 3006 unique users. Facebook Link

  277. 18/10/2017
  278. Houghton Regis Speedwatch team have set up more dates to check speed on our local roads. They're looking for more volunteers, too, so if you fancy being involved and would later like to get trained that can be arranged. Message 'News Desk' and we'll pass your interest on. ◘ Drive Safely Website - Served to 3122 unique users. Facebook Link

  279. 18/10/2017
  280. Voluntary Works ezine. Fundraising Jobs Events Served to 2711 unique users. Facebook Link

  281. 18/10/2017
  282. Aylesbury Drive - LU5 6PX - Delivery drivers need to know that the access is from Bedford Rd, not Churchfield Rd. Served to 5351 unique users. Facebook Link

  283. 18/10/2017
  284. BBC Parliament is currently televising a debate on Universal Credit. MPs are concerned about a 6 week delay before payments are made. Served to 2447 unique users. Facebook Link

  285. 18/10/2017
  286. Women, Have you experienced unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from men? Comment "me too", below. Served to 1182 unique users. Facebook Link

  287. 19/10/2017
  288. Dees search for their first win of the season against high-flying Vipers Carrying injuries on injuries in the 1st XV Squad, Dunstablians go into this weekend's fixture against traditionally tough opponents Vipers, who are sitting pretty in 3rd place in the league with 3 wins from 4. Dees desperately need a win to drag themselves off the foot of the table, with a poor start to the 2018-18 season, not helped by injuries to key personnel in the early rounds of the Cup. Served to 2246 unique users. Facebook Link

  289. 19/10/2017
  290. Old Red Lion Upcoming events 19th October - taster evening - booking required 29th October - Halloween quiz night - book a table or turn up πŸ™‚ fancy dress is optional Served to 1249 unique users. Facebook Link

  291. 19/10/2017
  292. Beds Police have issued advice after receiving reports of a scam in which victims believe they are buying a car from eBay. Served to 3510 unique users. Facebook Link

  293. 19/10/2017
  294. Houghton Regis Children's Centre are holding a Parents Forum on Wednesday 1st November 1:00-2:00pm Served to 1376 unique users. Facebook Link

  295. 19/10/2017
  296. Some road closures for 5th November - Tithe Farm Rd, Hillborough (red area) Served to 1714 unique users. Facebook Link

  297. 19/10/2017
  298. More than 60 children a day calling Childline with suicidal thoughts. NSPCC reports 15% rise in calls to children’s helpline as concerns grow over long waiting times for mental health services. More ... Served to 1833 unique users. Facebook Link

  299. 20/10/2017
  300. A gasholder constructed by Whessoe Foundry & Engineering Co. Ltd in 1938, is set to be demolished on a site at Westfield Rd, Dunstable. A planning application for its removal has been submitted. Served to 3975 unique users. Facebook Link

  301. 20/10/2017
  302. To all delivery companies. No access from Churchfield Rd to the Taylor Wimpey Site. Access is via Bedford Rd. Served to 1837 unique users. Facebook Link

  303. 20/10/2017
  304. PLANNING — The Brook Details are now online for "The Brook", a plot of land beside St Thomas Meeting House in Windsor Drive for "The development of a 20 unit, 3-storey transitional housing scheme with associated access, parking and landscaping" for Central Bedfordshire Council. ◘ Documents: ◘ Comments or objections on planning grounds can be sent to quoting CB/17/04549/REG3 Served to 4980 unique users. Facebook Link

  305. 20/10/2017
  306. 'Luton North and Houghton Regis' - Proposed Constituency Boundary Changes Served to 2967 unique users. Facebook Link

  307. 20/10/2017
  308. When you're out and about, keep a look out for these brightly coloured pebbles and join in Happy Rocks to see what's been painted. Served to 6463 unique users. Facebook Link

  309. 21/10/2017
  310. The new Youth Action programme of volunteering is now available. Time to get involved! Find it on: Served to 2030 unique users. Facebook Link

  311. 21/10/2017
  312. Are you a young person looking to volunteer some time? Kids inAction could use you! Served to 2418 unique users. Facebook Link

  313. 21/10/2017
  314. Herdwick lambs are grazing near Totternhoe knolls. Served to 2252 unique users. Facebook Link

  315. 21/10/2017
  316. Not everybody likes to be involved in Halloween pranks. Here's where you can download this poster Served to 4806 unique users. Facebook Link

  317. 21/10/2017
  318. Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter Served to 1852 unique users. Facebook Link

  319. 21/10/2017
  320. RUBBISH IS STILL THERE On 15th Sept the Houghton Regis Development Consortium told us, "We believe that around 200 tonnes of waste have been illegally fly-tipped. We appreciate that the local community doesn’t want to see this happening and we are taking action to remove this from the site as soon as possible." This rubbish is piled up on the outskirts of Houghton Regis not far from the A5505 Woodside Link. HRDC also told us, "Anyone wishing to contact HRN1 with further questions or to report further fly tipping can do so via email : or by calling Freephone 0800 232 1794." These photographs were taken today, 21 Oct 2017. I can only recommend that as many of you who are concerned about this do write to that email address, as they suggest. And please remember to keep your dogs away from the broken glass and other undesirable materials in the area. Alan Winter editor HRND Served to 630 unique users. Facebook Link

  321. 21/10/2017
  322. Mainly for Men You are invited to come along to a Coffee Morning on Wednesday 1 November 2017 11 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. at Red House Court Clarkes Way Houghton Regis LU5 5BH Served to 3488 unique users. Facebook Link

  323. 21/10/2017
  324. Parking at Asda, Dunstable Served to 9363 unique users. Facebook Link

  325. 22/10/2017
  326. Dunstable Town Council and People and Places Insight Limited are undertaking a Benchmarking review of the town centre. Benchmarking has been conducted in over 350 locations and measures performance against Key Performance Indicators such as Retail Offer, Footfall and Car Parking. As part of the process, the following short survey has been devised to allow both users and non-users to provide their ratings and views on various aspects of Dunstable town centre. Please take 2 minutes to complete this important survey. Served to 2803 unique users. Facebook Link

  327. 22/10/2017
  328. Halloween Handmade Tales for Houghton Regis This Half Term. Served to 1013 unique users. Facebook Link

  329. 22/10/2017
  330. Houghton Regis Library Events Served to 2427 unique users. Facebook Link

  331. 22/10/2017
  332. Feed the Birds at Rushmere Country Park 29th October 2017 @ 11.00am - 3.00pm Location: Rushmere Country Park Price: Free event (£3 parking fee applies) no booking required A whole day of family-friendly fun at the end of the Half Term holidays. Come and spend the day at Rushmere Country Park learning more about our feathered friends and how we can feed them and help them thrive. Served to 1666 unique users. Facebook Link

  333. 22/10/2017
  334. Warning over fake modelling jobs. Served to 2294 unique users. Facebook Link

  335. 23/10/2017
  336. At tonight's HRTC Planning Committee they'll be looking again at a revised masterplan for a scheme 'south of the Bungalow Bedford Rd' where an applicant wants to build up to 50 dwellings CB/17/02512 ; and another for Bury Spinney off Thorn Road CB/17/04108/OUT where 100 homes are envisaged. The meeting starts at 7.30pm at Peel Street. All welcome. Those applications mentioned can be found online at Served to 2282 unique users. Facebook Link

  337. 23/10/2017
  338. Tickets still available for Grandad’s Eating Rubbish Served to 1372 unique users. Facebook Link

  339. 23/10/2017
  340. Driving? STOP TEXTING ! Served to 964 unique users. Facebook Link

  341. 23/10/2017
  342. Four people have been charged in relation to burglaries in Houghton Regis and Leighton Buzzard over recent weeks. All Remanded into custody pending further court appearances. Rhys Moriarty, 24, of Beech Avenue, Northampton, was charged with four counts of burglary, aggravated vehicle taking, driving without a licence, driving without insurance, and fraud. Johnny Berry, 24, of Southwood Road, Dunstable, was charged with three counts of burglary. A 17-year-old boy from Leighton Buzzard was charged with two counts of burglary, driving without insurance and driving without a licence. A 17-year old boy from Bedford was charged with two counts of burglary. Served to 4469 unique users. Facebook Link

  343. 24/10/2017
  344. The Bedfordshire Poppy Appeal 2017 will be launching on Saturday 28th October in the Atrium at St George’s Square, at The Mall in Luton. Joanna Hillyard, the Town Mayor of Houghton Regis will be attending. Served to 1209 unique users. Facebook Link

  345. 24/10/2017
  346. Ghostly Goings On Served to 1303 unique users. Facebook Link

  347. 24/10/2017
  348. This week, Bedfordshire Police is supporting a national knife crime initiative. Although they aren’t able to respond to every single incident that is reported, every call received is logged as intelligence. So please report concerns about knife crime via 101, or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. In an emergency always dial 999. Served to 731 unique users. Facebook Link

  349. 24/10/2017
  350. Alice in the Cuckoo's Nest is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and explores the theme of psychosis in the world of Alice’s library. Thursday 23 November at Dunstable Library. It is not a children’s show and will explore adult themes of mental health and is set in a modern day mental institution. Children aged 8 and over are welcome to attend the performance if accompanied by an adult. Served to 1628 unique users. Facebook Link

  351. 24/10/2017
  352. Did someone go off on a streak, or is there something more sinister about these discarded clothes - two shirts, two pullovers, and a pair of trousers, found in St Andrews Lane this morning. Could be handy for a guy, although you don't see too many Guy Fawkes' these days. Served to 2193 unique users. Facebook Link

  353. 24/10/2017
  354. Struggling to park? Where can more parking spaces be found for the town centre? Served to 5211 unique users. Facebook Link

  355. 24/10/2017
  356. Grandad was eating rubbish today, so he was given a proper list of things to buy and he had to fly to lots of different countries to get bananas, oranges, apples and spaghetti. Lots of little ones were entertained in Houghton Regis Library (+ a sneaky HRND editor!) Served to 1691 unique users. Facebook Link

  357. 25/10/2017
  358. Reminder. College Open Day next week. Served to 906 unique users. Facebook Link

  359. 25/10/2017
  360. For her birthday this year, Chloe White from Houghton Regis is asking for donations to Comic Relief. She's chosen this charity because their mission means a lot to her, and she hopes you'll consider contributing as a way of celebrating with her. Every little bit will help her to reach my goal. Served to 3360 unique users. Facebook Link

  361. 25/10/2017
  362. A “Find Your Future” event is being held at The Incuba, Brewers Hill Rd, Dunstable, on the 2nd November. The exhibition event is aimed at showcasing a number of employment opportunities to young people (primarily 14-18-year-olds) to raise their aspirations in a range of careers. There is also a session in the afternoon of the event aimed at promoting current job opportunities to unemployed adults and young people. Leading local businesses will exhibit on the day and offer interactive demonstrations from a whole range of different areas including construction, health and social care, travel and tourism, transport and logistics, agriculture and food, research and development and high-performance technologies. Served to 950 unique users. Facebook Link

  363. 25/10/2017
  364. MPs were again busy debating Travellers yesterday. Illegal Gypsy and Traveller Encampments: Bedfordshire – in Westminster Hall at 10:56 am on 24th October 2017. Nadine Dorries MP and Andrew Selous MP spoke. Served to 3477 unique users. Facebook Link

  365. 25/10/2017
  366. Morrisons is teaming up with Old Red Lion tonight holding a quiz for Clic Sargent charity! £2.50 a head, lots of prizes to be won and prize for fancy dress! 7.30pm start but get those drinks in early! Served to 1041 unique users. Facebook Link

  367. 25/10/2017
  368. Houghton Hall Park 2K Junior Park Run takes place every Sunday at 9am. Served to 1709 unique users. Facebook Link

  369. 25/10/2017
  370. Nest Box Survey. Can you help? Served to 1189 unique users. Facebook Link

  371. 25/10/2017
  372. Book up now for your craft stall for 25th November. Served to 1185 unique users. Facebook Link

  373. 25/10/2017
  374. A key employer in Houghton Regis, British Converting Solutions Ltd (BCS), of Blackburn Road, a local manufacturer of Quick Set corrugated box making machines completed their 2016/17 financial year with revenue increasing by 20% and profits up by 40%. Export sales accounted for almost 80% of revenue with the business continuing to see growth in North America, Central & Eastern Europe and Australasia. Home market sales also saw significant growth. BCS were recipients of The Queen’s Award For Enterprise – International Trade, the most prestigious Award for a British business in recognition of significant growth in Export sales. In 2017/18, BCS is set to continue growing in new Export markets including South America and SE Asia. Served to 1122 unique users. Facebook Link

  375. 25/10/2017
  376. This editorial will affect all of Houghton Regis. AW. Served to 2199 unique users. Facebook Link

  377. 25/10/2017
  378. Kerbside collection of household garden waste will be suspended across Central Bedfordshire over the winter months. The collections will be suspended from Monday, 4 December 2017 until Friday 2, March 2018 inclusive. Residents are encouraged to check their last garden waste collection date for their area, which will be either the week commencing Monday 20 or Monday 27 November. Served to 6227 unique users. Facebook Link

  379. 25/10/2017
  380. 28th October. Spooky Ride At Fancott ! Served to 955 unique users. Facebook Link

  381. 26/10/2017
  382. MPs discussed social care yesterday in Parliament. This is a preliminary to a new Green Paper next year. MP Andrew Selous wanted other MPs to 'grasp the nettle' and called on Ministers to visit Japan and Germany to learn from how they do things. More at Served to 1711 unique users. Facebook Link

  383. 26/10/2017
  384. Houghton Regis Children's Centre: AUTUMN TIMETABLE 11/09/2017-19/12/17 — All sessions resume again next week. Served to 1264 unique users. Facebook Link

  385. 26/10/2017
  386. Served to 1085 unique users. Facebook Link

  387. 26/10/2017
  388. Oakwell Park at Thorn is now available on the rental market. £2,950 pcm Served to 4451 unique users. Facebook Link

  389. 26/10/2017
  390. Ice Maiden is the name of one of CBC's gritters. They want some suggestions for naming this one. Served to 3751 unique users. Facebook Link

  391. 26/10/2017
  392. Spooky Mask Making, Sunday in the Park. Served to 1117 unique users. Facebook Link

  393. 27/10/2017
  394. Write to them — and get your opinions heard Served to 1386 unique users. Facebook Link

  395. 27/10/2017
  396. This Saturday, meet CBC councillors for Houghton Regis. Library meeting room, Bedford Square. Discuss local issues. - The Brook - Planning - Parking - Social Services - Hghways - something else? 10am-12. No appointment required. Served to 2285 unique users. Facebook Link

  397. 27/10/2017
  398. Houghton Regis News Desk's cover photo Served to 1016 unique users. Facebook Link

  399. 27/10/2017
  400. Boo at the Zoo, every day until 31 October. Served to 1119 unique users. Facebook Link

  401. 27/10/2017
  402. Holloway Sends Report Calling For More Funding For Bedfordshire Police. “It certainly is among the most detailed ever to be sent to a Policing Minister from the Force as it absolutely clearly provides evidence for the £10 million Bedfordshire Police now needs each year to meet a level of demand for its services that has never been seen before,” said the Commissioner. Served to 2204 unique users. Facebook Link

  403. 27/10/2017
  404. Wonky Pumpkin Carving Sunday 29th 11am - 2pm Served to 1586 unique users. Facebook Link

  405. 28/10/2017
  406. Looking for work, training or work experience opportunities? Find your #CBedsFuture at @TheIncuba , Brewers Hill Rd, on Thursday, 2 November. 9:30am until 6pm. ◘ the first session (9:30am – 2:30pm) is primarily aimed at schools ◘ the second session (2:30pm – 6pm) is for adults, NEET (Not in Employment, Educational Training) young people and parents/carers ◘ More information at Served to 1426 unique users. Facebook Link

  407. 28/10/2017
  408. Giggles Play Group. Every Tuesday 9.30-1pm Served to 1621 unique users. Facebook Link

  409. 28/10/2017
  410. Pumpkin soup and other refreshments on Tuesday evening from 4-8pm! Visit the event page for full details.. Served to 1617 unique users. Facebook Link

  411. 28/10/2017
  412. The clocks will go back on Sunday, marking the start of the winter season. Burglars may take advantage of shorter daylight hours to operate, but there are simple steps you can take to protect your home at night, and during the day when it may be unoccupied. Some tips from Bedfordshire Police: ◘ Use your lights at home – keep them on a timer when you are out so it looks like someone is home ◘ Make sure all doors on your house and vehicle are securely locked at all times. If you have a UPVC door at home, make sure it is double locked ◘ Keep all valuables and keys safely out of sight from windows, both in your home and car. Close curtains with a light on indoors. ◘ Never leave garages or sheds unlocked – not only can valuable tools be appealing to thieves, they can also be used to force entry to your home ◘ Don’t hide your keys under a doormat or in a flowerpot – it’s the first place a would-be offender will look ◘ Ask a friend to keep an eye on your house when you go away, and do the same for neighbours by remaining alert to suspicious activity in your street ◘ If you spot someone behaving suspiciously, contact police immediately ◘ Don’t forget to security mark your property and register it on Served to 1380 unique users. Facebook Link

  413. 28/10/2017
  414. It's starting to look like Christmas at Craft & Coffee. Served to 1489 unique users. Facebook Link

  415. 28/10/2017
  416. Strong Case For More Councillors on HOughton Regis Town Council Served to 2678 unique users. Facebook Link

  417. 29/10/2017
  418. Make the most of your pumpkin. Love Food Hate Waste. Served to 1537 unique users. Facebook Link

  419. 29/10/2017
  420. Next Sunday ... Nov 5th. Tithe Farm Recreation Ground. 4pm Fairground. 7pm Free Firework Show. Nearby roads will be closed due to the expected large crowds. Houghton Regis Town Council. Served to 3173 unique users. Facebook Link

  421. 29/10/2017
  422. Training Fair at Incuba Centre, Brewers Hill Rd. November 2nd. Served to 1887 unique users. Facebook Link

  423. 29/10/2017
  424. from Michael Price: We have finally arrived at the launch of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal. Myself and Ray Canning, the Houghton Regis Poppy Appeal organiser, spent an hour or so yesterday decorating the Green fence around Houghton Green with Poppies and a few "Lest We Forget" flags. This was for several reasons: To remind us all of the Poppytide period. Brighten up the area and cause interest & chat. To raise more money for the Poppy Appeal. I hope you all enjoy them and we all hope that they stay for the duration and do not get vandalised. If you want any poppy related items (we have loads of new goodies this year) then come along and see us at the Morrison's store from Wednesday 1st November. We Will Remember Them Served to 4957 unique users. Facebook Link

  425. 29/10/2017
  426. Fungii in the Park — Andy Godly Served to 2745 unique users. Facebook Link

  427. 29/10/2017
  428. Free Fireworks, Houghton Regis, November 5th, and Funfair, too! Served to 5299 unique users. Facebook Link

  429. 29/10/2017
  430. Mainly for Men. Houghton Regis Helpers are holding an Inaugural coffee morning on 1/11/17 Mainly for Men! Coffee mornings will be held on the first Wednesday in each month. Drinks and biscuits will be available - no charge but donations welcome! Ladies are welcome, as long as you are accompanied by a gentleman! Served to 2068 unique users. Facebook Link

  431. 30/10/2017
  432. Rubbish piled up by trespassers on fields close to Houghton Regis has started to be removed today. Activity on the field was spotted by the site's neighbour, R Giugno, who supplied the photo, this morning. Served to 6494 unique users. Facebook Link

  433. 31/10/2017
  434. CAUGHT ON CCTV Information is sought on this person who was breaking into cars around Houghton Hamlets last night. Crime reference: JD/47063/2017 Call 101 or crimestoppers 0800 555 111 Served to 8945 unique users. Facebook Link

  435. 31/10/2017
  436. Jobs - Find Your Future - Incuba Centre, Brewers Hill Rd. Nov 2nd. Served to 1251 unique users. Facebook Link

  437. 31/10/2017
  438. Houghton Regis' DRC could win £35,000 with your help. Served to 1742 unique users. Facebook Link

  439. 31/10/2017
  440. Centrebus Y service being pulled from 3rd December. Served to 4496 unique users. Facebook Link

  441. 31/10/2017
  442. Authors coming to Dunstable Library Tickets Available Now! DUNSTABLE LIBRARY - Neil White and Angela Clarke Wednesday 15th November 7.30pm Served to 1254 unique users. Facebook Link

  443. 31/10/2017
  444. Mother owns up to having a stupid child. Served to 336 unique users. Facebook Link

  445. 31/10/2017
  446. Voluntary Works newsletter. Funding, jobs. news. Served to 1016 unique users. Facebook Link

  447. 31/10/2017
  448. Travel Show. Grove Theatre Thursday 2nd Nov. Served to 1059 unique users. Facebook Link

  449. 31/10/2017
  450. Dad and Me, this Saturday. Served to 1501 unique users. Facebook Link

  451. 31/10/2017
  452. Halloween Video. Don't have nightmares. Served to 2234 unique users. Facebook Link